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  1. hey everyone,,,just wanna ask how to know the complete list. a friend of mine said that their magna cum laude did not make it to top 10 but the school went to prc (i guess) to know the standing of that student. so they found out that she was top 13-15, i dunno the exact standing. and my friend told me that she got 82.? something. however, my average is 81.8. so i thought i am included in the top20? haha. i would like to know where can i find the complete list. i know its kinda late to confirm but i just wanna make myself happy and proud :) thank you:)
  2. mrniceguy181

    Military nursing

    Yeah..bad for those who dont have connections working under the military..like me! its kinda unfair to our side. But im keeping my hopes up. Ill still pass my reqs to their office coz i really want to be a military nurse. i dream of becoming a flight nurse under PAF. =) Btw, do u have any idea that the lateral entry to enter the nurse corps still applies? I also plan,under desperate measures, to join PAF's officer program. I wish they could put nurses who are officers under them to work related to their profession. Thanks =)
  3. Hi guys. I just want to know ur suggestions as to what my primary question is concerned. I really want to become a military nurse but i just called the office of the chief nurse and they told me the application is on hold status. However, i have been thinking of joining the PAF as an officer undergoing their PAFROPP program. Though i really want to join the nurse corps, seems like i have no choice but to kinda give up on it due to timely processing and the many PENDING applications from yesteryears. Haha. What do u think guys? Thanks =)
  4. mrniceguy181

    Military nursing

    I called the otcn recently(last week to be exact) and i inquired about the NC application. Then the officer who got my phone call said that the application is "on hold" status. What's up with that? Is it because of the pending applications of the yesteryears? Haha I am really planning to pass my requirements to them even though i am from davao del sur :)