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  1. kingofthekicks20

    Where Do Minneapolis/St Paul Nurses Live?

    Bump! Anyone have any input on this?
  2. kingofthekicks20

    Where Do Minneapolis/St Paul Nurses Live?

    I'm an experienced emergency RN considering a fresh start in the Twin Cities! I'm originally from Wisconsin but have spent some time in the larger metros of LA/NYC/Denver. With my past jobs sometimes it's been tough to make friends with coworkers due to the urban sprawl of the metros. Right now I'm single and 31yo, so somewhere with other young professionals in an urban setting would be ideal. I've narrowed down the search to: Minneapolis- Abbott Northwestern, U of M Fairview Medical Center East Bank, and Hennepin County Medical Center. St Paul- Regions Hospital and United Hospital. Where do nurses at these locations live (those that haven't settled down with families in the suburbs)??? For the St Paul hospitals my gut says living in the close proximity of Lowertown, Cathedral Hill and West Seventh would make sense. Thoughts? For the Minneapolis hospitals it's a little harder to gauge. For Abbott, probably Uptown/Whittier/Lyn Lake/Lowry Hill? For Hennepin County probably Mill District/Loring Park/North Loop/and maybe even Northeast? And for U of M East Bank probably Prospect Park or Saint Anthony Park? Any and all input would be great.
  3. kingofthekicks20

    Los Angeles Emergency Departments (and a helpful LA hospital map)

    Thanks for the replies. My girlfriend works in TV/film, so Los Angeles is the only option (besides NYC). And honestly, anywhere in the United States has a better cost of living than Manhattan. My current rent is $3,700 for a 1-BR apartment on the Upper West Side. Any other insights into LA hospitals or LA emergency departments? And for those with experience, how was your move to LA?
  4. Your knowledge and advice is greatly appreciated. I'm moving from NYC to LA May 1st, 2017. I've thoroughly paged through the forums, but haven't found much information on ER jobs in LA County. I have friends in the Hollywood/West LA area, but I'm open to working downtown or Santa Monica if the right opportunity presents itself. Does anyone have any insight into the better ERs to work in Los Angeles? I have 5 years ER experience so I hope to land interviews but still need some help narrowing down my list of hospitals. It seems like my best bets are Cedars-Sinai, Kaiser Sunset, and UCLA. Has anyone had a phenomenal or terrible ER nursing experience in LA that they could share? Thank you thank you! Here's my current LA Hospital List on Google Maps: Los Angeles Hospitals
  5. kingofthekicks20

    Advice on RN Salary NYC

    Glad I could help. Many of my comments are tailored to ERs here in New York City. Although I wasn't impressed with Cornell or Columbia's Emergency Department, I have heard good things about the medical centers as a whole (ie the inpatient side may be more tolerable). Added note: trauma in NYC ERs have different rules than other states. When practicing at a Level II in Denver, we would see a ton of MVCs, traumatic falls, etc (everything but GSW, stabs, and TBIs). In NYC, you either are a trauma hospital or you're not. My hospital is not trauma, therefore we get zero MVCs. Trauma hospitals in/near Manhattan include Cornell, Bellevue, St Luke's, Harlem, Lincoln, St Barnabas, NY Hosp of Queens, Kings County, Lutheran, Brookdale. I personally wouldn't consider anything but the first three because many of them are HHC New York state hospitals and I can imagine the horror stories r/t patient ratios, unions, and socioeconomic issues.
  6. kingofthekicks20

    Advice on RN Salary NYC

    Wow, I'm getting deja vu from your post! I'm an ER nurse with 3 years experience (BSN & CEN) that moved to NYC in March. Needless to say, I have lots of advice to offer you. Where to start, how about this: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=zy2ijQQdGumc.k9TnaW0Zygn4 I applied everywhere in Manhattan, reading stats on US News Best Hospitals regarding ER visits, beds, admissions, etc. I interviewed with 4 hospitals and had my pick of the litter. The NYC hospitals are split up into hospital networks & you also need to consider nursing unions. NSLIJ: Lenox Hill Hospital & Lenox Hill Healthplex (free-standing) Mount Sinai: Mount Sinai, St. Lukes, Beth Israel, Roosevelt, & Mount Sinai Queens New York Presbyterian: Columbia, Cornell, & Lower Manhattan HHC Hospitals (NY State): Bellevue, Harlem, Metropolitan, Jacobi, Lincoln, NY Downstate Montefiore: North, Weller-Einstein, & Moses NYU: NYU Langone & NYU Cobble Hill Here's my experience touring the ERs during interviews (and ratios): Columbia was an absolute nightmare (12+:1), Mount Sinai had some admission boarding problems (8-10:1), Beth Israel was professional and manageable (7-8:1), NYU was phenomenal (4:1). I accepted an offer so I never had a chance to interview with Bellevue, Lenox Hill, Lenox Hill Healthplex, St Luke's, Roosevelt, and Cornell. Ratios are roughly 8-12 patients per nurse. The hospitals I missed on the long list above I didn't strongly consider after researching them or d/t location (Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem). As far as pay, my lowest (with NOC shift differentials) was 82,000; my highest was 89,000. The NY state hospitals pay less than this but have a pension. Your offers will be a little less since I have a year up on you. My NYC budget looks like this: Gross Salary 89000 = 7167/month (34% Taxes) 401k (3%)= 2670= 222/month Insurance/Benefits= 1500= 125/month ------------------- Net Pay= 54570= 4547/month Rent= 25200= 2100/month (split a one-bedroom with my gf on the UWS for $3500) Roth IRA= 5400= 450/month Utilities/Cable/Cell= 2400= 200/month Subway Pass= 1440= 120/month Groceries= 4800= 400/month Gym= 720=60/month ——————— Extra= 14910=1242/month=287/week (Eating Out, Movies/Shows, Vacation) I wanted to start off with a travel assignment & went through the whole process talking to recruiters, BUT the offers flat-out sucked. I would make the same as staff nurses (even after considering housing stipends), have to deal with all the tax BS, get no orientation, sign a contract that restricted my permanent job offers, and get stuck at a miserable hospital like Metropolitan. FYI, you're stuck with AmericanMobile, CrossCountry, or Fastaff (Montefiore) who have exclusive contracts with the NYC hospitals. As far as getting interviews, you're at the mercy of the online application process. Fortunately, when you apply to a hospital network you can submit a few applications at once. There are a couple 'experienced RN interview days' if you want to look into it. Turn around on phone calls was roughly 3-4 weeks for me. Hospitals tend to do the most hiring 1st quarter (Jan-Mar) and in September after management gets back from summer/Labor Day vacations. Questions? Hope I helped.
  7. kingofthekicks20

    Do you need a BSN to work in NYC?

    I already have my BSN so I'm not much help. But I can tell you it's rather hard without 2 years RN experience (many networks won't fully consider your app until you have this). My advice would be to start applying now and see if you get calls back & to build an application routine (having stuff on file). NYC HR departments move slow, so don't hold your breath. There are new grads who job hunt for 6+ months without seeing results in NYC. I think your perfect timeline would go something like: finish BSN while getting the first year RN experience, apply apply apply for every open position with every hospital, hopefully land something next summer and make the big move!
  8. kingofthekicks20

    New TV Show- Nurse Nation on MTV

    Have y'all heard about the new TV show MTV is working on titled 'Nurse Nation'!? I don't have the quote from Entertainment Weekly, but it reads something like "a docuseries thay follows 9 young hard-partying travel nurses as they explore a new city for 13 weeks." The premiere date has yet to be announced, but MTV has greenlit the show and others to replace the hole that Jersey Shore is leaving in their network. What are your thoughts? Excited to watch it or annoyed at how they may portray travel RNs?
  9. kingofthekicks20

    Experienced nurse trying to find work in the NY/NJ area

    HR works on their schedule for these NYC hospitals. When you expect to get a response in three weeks, it'll take four or five. Just keep submitting apps and don't get discouraged. Critical care in NYC=critical care experience required. NYP won't even let you submit your app without the experience. I think NSLIJ will let you submit but d/t their 'screening questions' your app will be electronically filtered into the junk file (I saw them pull up my app in an interview with red flags next to ICU positions I did not qualify for). Good luck!
  10. kingofthekicks20

    Help for Interview with New York Downtown Hospital

    Good luck with the interview! I don't have any helpful advice, but I wanted to say I feel your pain! I started applying in NYC in June 2012 and saying it's been hard would be an understatement. NY Downtown hospital, 128 beds, non-union. I remember finding a thread or two on allnurses, small hospital with some management issues (sorry to say). As always, every unit's different though
  11. kingofthekicks20

    North Shore LIJ fellowships info

    Just keep checking back. Typically the fellowship is posted for less than a week then they remove it (probably from an excess of applicants). Make sure to search the different hospitals; North Shore-Manhasset and Long Island Jewish offer the most spots & options. Here's the advice I can give you for job-hunting in NYC: https://allnurses.com/new-york-nursing/all-my-nyc-789845.html
  12. Hey y'all, any new updates regarding the fellowships? Are they still interviewing/hiring for a potential Jan/Feb start date? And for those that missed the boat like myself, anyone receive information regarding the next start date, something like June or July I believe (not that HR cares at this point)? Thank you for the help! Once you catch the dream of moving to NYC, it's certainly hard to get rid of! So many applicants, so few spots! Argh!
  13. kingofthekicks20

    Need job in NY...help!!!!!

    No, not yet. I had a shot at NYU's Emergency Department, but Hurricane Sandy literally destroyed the ED (now they function as urgent care). I'm pursuing one more NYC hospital, but if that fails I'll be looking west. I wanted to jump from trauma floor nursing to ED/ICU nursing in NYC. My resume just hasn't made the cut: 1-year RN experience, BSN 3.8 GPA, TNCC, ACLS...
  14. kingofthekicks20

    Need job in NY...help!!!!!

    Hey, thought I'd share my personal experience. I posted the info below in another thread, but maybe it'll help you. There are a lot more hospitals than you'd think, all with manageable commutes from Penn Station: "Hello all those looking for a nursing job in New York City! I've been searching for months, and thought it was about time to share my thoughts and wisdom. Below is my map & extensive hospital spreadsheet: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid...701%2C1.234589 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/...EZwdUoxSVVDUVE If you download the spreadsheet, try highlighting all the data + right click + 'custom sort' by # beds, hospital network, or travel time from Penn Station. This data is all updated from US News Best Hospitals, hospital websites, and salaries from Allnurses. Things I've learned: 1) The search is intimidating to start, but once you understand the websites it gets easier! I've been regularly applying to HHC, NYP, NSLIJ, NYU, Continuum, Mount Sinai, and Montefiore. 2) Continuum has no jobs. NYP will not accept your app if you don't meet the experience requirements. NYU is not seeking outside applicants at this time 3) New grads and ADNs positions are hard to come by and highly competitive. 4) Get your NY RN license. Make sure your resume & cover letter are flawless. 5) Keep in touch with your HR contacts. Cold-calling and walk-ins have gotten me nowhere...but hey, it's worth a shot. 6) Consider NJ jobs. I never got around to obtaining my NJ license or applying there. 7) Hurricane Sandy has majorly screwed things up. Hospitals are not hiring aggressively."
  15. kingofthekicks20

    North Shore LIJ job advice

    I feel your pain! Dealing with HR with these NYC hospitals is stressful. In my opinion, I think you're still in the running, they're just taking their sweet time getting back to you. Things seem to be especially difficult post-Sandy, with many hospitals pulling job postings from their websites. I think many places have been waiting for 2013 to determine their nursing needs and start the active hiring process. One of my contacts gave me a heads-up on some jobs coming down the pipe soon...but soon can't come quick enough.
  16. kingofthekicks20

    4 years, 3 months, and 3 days....life is good!

    Thank you for sharing and congratulations! Your post speaks truth about the struggles of sobriety. It's a much-needed reminder of what one stands to gain from quitting.

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