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  1. State Board results in NC?

    I got my results today! I passed! I guess it just goes to show, things are not always processed in the order in which they are received. Thanks for all your input, it really lifted my spirits!
  2. State Board results in NC?

    Thank you for your responses. It makes me feel a little more at ease, to know that others have had similar experiences also.
  3. Long Distance Program for L.P.N.

    REGENTS will also accept you into their program if you have an EMT certification. This only takes about 3 months to obtain, and most community colleges offer it in the evening through Continuing ED. You might want to check this out. I agree that ther...
  4. State Board results in NC?

    My friend, and I took the nursing boards 2 weeks ago and have yet to hear anything. Of course Knowing that they do not post "failing results," we have imagined the worst! To top it all off 2 of our class mates who took the test a week later than we d...

    As far as brands go, I like COTTONALITY, and LANDAU. I find these scrubs to be a good fit and Very Comfortable. Also, not to mention they come in some pretty groovy patterns!
  6. nursing in north carolina

    Hi, I live in Clinton, NC which is only about 25 miles from Fayetteville. The 3 main hospitals there are Cape Fear Valley, Highsmith-Rainey and of course WOMAC which is the army hospital.
  7. exam jitters

    When I took my entrance exam 3 years ago, it was merely a test to determine whether or not I was"literate." This is to say, all this test consisted of was reading, math, and word comprehension. Of course I live in NC and maybe things are different he...