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  1. I've been a nurse for 3 years. Today I went for an interview at a home health agency in PA. I had all of my required paperwork with me, just knowing I'd leave with at least one assignment. The first step was to take a 30 question med surg test. Well after taking the test the receptionist (who was talking extremely loud on the phone a few feet from me during the test) told me I failed and that I could come back in 6 months and take it again. What I don't understand is why they place so much importance on a test, that had questions I hadn't seen since nursing school, when I've been working as a nurse for 3 years. This really bummed me out since I know I can do the job and do it well. Has anyone else had an experience like this???
  2. Nrsc

    Help? I regret this career choice?

    What I do is work prn at 3 different places this way I work whenever I want. I work around 40 hours each week and if I don't want to work weekends or holidays I don't. The pay is excellent, there's no health insurance but I'm on my husbands so that's not a problem.
  3. Nrsc

    I can't find a job!!!!

    I know exactly how you feel. Ive had my lpn license in may, it's now August and I haven't had any responses. I live in the Philadelphia suburbs and I'm really shocked at the situation. I'm gonna keep applying and hopefully someone will hire me. Good luck to you!
  4. Nrsc

    Who hires newly license LPNS???

    It's now 2012, I've been looking for a job as a newly licensed lpn for 3 months and I havent gotten ANY responses. Alot of my classmates who have jobs got them because they personally know someone who works there. Well I don't know anyone working in any facility. I'm really hoping someone hires me soon, this is becoming very discouraging. I live right outside of Philadelphia and I'm looking everywhere.
  5. Nrsc

    New grad moving to Philadelphia?

    Well it's now July 2012 and NOTHINGS CHANGED. I've had my LPN license since may. I've been looking mainly in the philadelphia suburbs. I've applied to around 30 places so far and I haven't gotten a response from anyone. I really feel like I wasted my time and money on LPN school. It would really be great if schools had some type of job placement assistance.
  6. She should accept the job. It's VERY hard to get a job as a new nurse and she's not guaranteed to get other offers. At least she will be getting experience, after working for 1 year she should be able to work wherever she chooses.