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  1. Quality Improvement in End of Life Care

    Sonjailana, GOOD QUESTION!!! I ask myself that frequently, hence my interest in improving it. I think it is despicable to wait until a couple days to a few hours of the patients expected death to talk to the family about palliative care. The family t...
  2. Family members of patients in the intensive care unit are an intricate piece in the end of life decision making process. However, families are not always as informed or involved as they would like to be. There are a multitude of articles relating fam...
  3. University of South Alabama DNP Fall 2011

    I am applying to the BSN-DNP program with the dual role track, and am wondering what your experience has been. I have been in critical care setting for 4 years now and want to be able to practice with all ages and I think this is the best way to do ...