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  1. Valencia College Spring 2013 Students

    How much is the ADN program at Valencia now?
  2. Chemistry on the TEAS exam

    How did you do on the exam?
  3. Average TEAS V Score? Your score?

    You guys all did great I studied and my first try I got a 55%. I'm not a good standardized test taking but got a 3.6 gpa in my pre-reqs. I am going to take it again and I'm so nervous. I feel defeated by this freaking exam ugggh. Any suggestions?
  4. Remington College of Nursing - Orlando

    Thanks so much for everyone's post about RCON. I am working on my application packet now for Jan. 2013 program. I am a little nervous especially with my acceptance. I have a Bachelors from UCF is Health Service Administration. I have a gpa of 2.6 in...
  5. Is this what I'm always going to deal with?

    Lynne sorry to hear about the reaction you received. I work at a major hospital in Orlando and I'm pursuing nursing school as well (BSN). No matter what you do be happy with YOUR choices no one else's. From experience I do know that a lot of hospital...