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sfalumberjack007 has 4 years experience and specializes in Pain managment.

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  1. Update: 10/10/2017 1).I successfully passed boards the first time without any problems. 2). South University's NP program is rigorous and is very writing intensive (your admission advisory will tell you this when you speak to them). You will ha...
  2. sfalumberjack007

    South University FNP Aug 2014 class

    Lots of papers and discussion posts!!
  3. sfalumberjack007

    NP full scope/independent speculation

    I want to say New York is working on theirs.
  4. sfalumberjack007

    Questions for Rad nurses!

    IR is fun, I mainly circulate cases or monitor. Circulating requires grabbing supplies and performing conscious sedation. My IR lab is also a Cath Lab so I can do both. My hours are 730-330 M-f with 14 days of call a month. Its pretty easy and less s...
  5. sfalumberjack007

    Online vs residential

    lhflanurse can you tell me about the Capstone class? It says we give a presentation in written form and oral form, is that true? Also, do we take that class with our last clinical?? Thanks
  6. sfalumberjack007

    First year as an FNP??!!

    Which hospital and what setting? I am getting my FNP but I want to work in Interventional radiology at Baylor or Parkland.
  7. South's program is very intense but well worth the time and the money. I often compare what I am learning to my peers at other schools, and I must say the quality of education is top notch.
  8. sfalumberjack007


    I am currently enrolled at South Online and I am about half complete. I really enjoy the program. The program is VERY writing intensive. There are discussion posts due every week along with a paper in most classes. Most classes are 11 weeks while the...
  9. sfalumberjack007

    FNP online options

    I really enjoy going to school online. The only advice I can give is to make sure the school you attend will grant you certification in the state you are in. Several online schools only allow certain state residents to enroll. I know in 2012, Texas r...
  10. sfalumberjack007

    Online vs residential

    I really enjoy the online format. I attend South University online for my FNP. I started in Feb and have finished 6 courses to date. The program is very intense and very self directed. I am single and work full time so I like that we only take one cl...