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  1. brandon1491

    Army CRNA

    Thank you I will take a look -Brandon
  2. brandon1491

    Army CRNA

    Hey All, I have been looking into a career track to getting my CRNA. I've been a nurse for 5 years now and worked in many different settings. Currently in critical care. I have always had an interest in airway management and really enjoy the art of sedation. When I was younger I almost enlisted in the military for multiple personal reasons and now that I am considering a track into grad school I am once again reconsidering enlistment as an officer. I was wondering if any current or previous servicemen or servicewomen would be willing to speak with me a little bit about their experience and some of the benefits vs the drawbacks of pursuing a career as a CRNA in the military either by reply or personal message. Any information is greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading.
  3. brandon1491

    2013 UCLA Summer Externship Status

    Hey all, So I havnt seen any topics yet about the UCLA summer externship. I recently got my acceptance into the program. If anyone has any previous experience Id love to hear it. Also if there are any other students who have been accepted into the summer program id love to touch base. Thanks, Brandon

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