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  1. Charmedone923

    What Nobody Told You About Graduate School

    So true!! I am starting my 3rd semester next week AGACNP track. So many times I wanted to quit but I just try to keep in mind that I have a goal and quitting is not an option. I wanna learn, I am learning!
  2. Charmedone923

    Georgetown FNP vs. Grand Canyon University

    Georgetown... í ½í¸€
  3. Charmedone923

    Passed the ANCC AGPCNP

    Congratulations!!!! I'm only on my 2nd semester. Do you think it is advisable to start buying review materials this early?
  4. Charmedone923

    UPDATE: RN BSN to PMHNP at age 55?

    Congratulations!!! I am in my early 40s and just started AGACNP this year. One thing I've learned, it's never too late for anything!!! Here's to us 'young once'!
  5. Charmedone923

    Georgetown NM/WHNP admissions

    Here is how it looked like. The pay deposit box was highlighted and when i clicked on it, it led me to another page where i could pay my deposit. And yes, there will be a new line that says decision..contact something something lol. They called me to tell me i got accepted, got the email when they realized they never sent me the acceptance email. I hit the 3-week mark when i got accepted.
  6. Charmedone923

    Georgetown NM/WHNP admissions

    Anything ?
  7. Charmedone923

    Georgetown NM/WHNP admissions

    Don't lose hope, yet!!!
  8. Charmedone923

    Georgetown NM/WHNP admissions

    At least in my case😝😊
  9. Charmedone923

    Georgetown NM/WHNP admissions

    Is there a 'pay deposit' box? That's the sign that says you're golden!
  10. Charmedone923

    Feel dumb?

    Right there with you😢 Had my first advanced patho class and all I could think of was 'yaiks'.
  11. Charmedone923

    Georgetown Ag-Acnp

    Have you heard from Georgetown?
  12. Charmedone923

    Georgetown Ag-Acnp

    Hello!! Ok, i will!
  13. Charmedone923

    Vanderbilt: First Semester of Grad School

    Thank you so much😊
  14. Charmedone923

    Vanderbilt: First Semester of Grad School

    Very nice! Any tips to surviving advance patho? Aside , of course, from studying all the live long day?
  15. Charmedone923

    Georgetown Ag-Acnp

    Hi. Hey,you never know. You might hear from them before school closes for winter. One thing i can tell you, school hasnt even started and my eyes are burning already from the requirements that need to be done. The online orientation was loooonnnggg. And then online sessions. Now the patho access is open and we have to read the modules.