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  1. lovely_amy

    New Grad at PIH, Whittier: Is 4-6 Weeks too Short?

    Phantasybm Pih whittier. Is it a good program for someone starting off as an Rn without an acute care experience? If not, would you recommend starting at citrus valley health partners? Have you heard of that having a good new grad program? Thanks
  2. lovely_amy

    New Grad at PIH, Whittier: Is 4-6 Weeks too Short?

    I also want to know if 6 weeks orientation at PIH is enough to get the confidence as a new Rn
  3. lovely_amy

    RN Refresher course Azusa or CSHS?

    I know this is an old post. May I know which school did you decide to take the refresher course? Thanks!
  4. lovely_amy

    Nclex 75q Uworld and Kaplan low scores

    Hi there kakany. Thanks for posting your story. Would you mind sending me any notes or materials that will help me pass nclex as well. Thanks a lot! Appreciate your helpfulness. My email is hardrob08@yahoo.com.
  5. lovely_amy

    Endorsing CA RN license to Georgia

    please help everyone.. im also a new graduate and i wanted to know which path will take a shorter time to get my license in georgia through endorsement or applying directly to BON georgia through licensure examination? thank you! your response will be greatly appreciated.. god bless!