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    Are you an A student. How do you achieve it

    I am an A student, finished my first year with a 4.0(although who knows if it will stay this way this coming year). As for studying I read all of the assigned chapters while taking notes on what is important. I use the outline and class handouts to help me focus on what is likely the most important information (aka what will likely be on the exam)but I try not to ignore the other stuff though since it could be on the NCLEX (but there are only so many hour in the day). I use study guides like Mosbey's Nclex review, Sanders Nclex review, Medsurg for success, Fundamentals for Success (only used ths 1st semester) and my school uses Kaplan. I also make charts (did not use this 1st semester, but came in handy for medsurg) which is divided into sections of disease overview, patho, symptoms, how it is diagnoised, treatments and nursing interventions. With all of that being said every student is different and what works for me may not work for you.My biggest suggestion would be to be prepared to work really really hard, keep up on your reading assignments, DO NOT MISS LECTURE, if study groups help you get one set up, if you are struggling set up appointments with your professors, don't be afraid to ask for help, it is likely that there may be concepts you don't understand, and when you are in clinicals don't be afraid to ask questions. Also, I wouldn't stress yourself out by telling yourself "you have to get an A". Nursing school is really, really hard (and if you are doing an ADN it is a lot of info at once since they cram the almost same amount of info as a BSN into 2 years since we do take the same NCLEX) and there is nothing wrong with getting a B or a C. I have had really intelligent friends at school not do as well, but who cares if you pass. C=RN Good Luck! :)
  2. hello, i am a nursing student who has been diagnoised with interstital cystits. up until recently my condition has been under control without medication (although i wouldn't consider the amount i void to be "normal") recently i have been experiencing the worst flare i have ever had. this wouldn't be so bad if i could stay at home, but i took a summer internship to work at a hospital in the area as a cna. i love my job but i am worried that i will not have access to the bathroom when needed. (i already had one really close call). so my question is, should i inform my nurse manager of my disability and request a reasonable accomidation to use the rest room when needed? and if so, how exactly do i go about doing this? my other question is, is it possible to be a nurse who has bladder flares? this recent flare has gotten me worried that i may not be able to work as a nurse. any support would be greatly appreciated since i am feeling pretty down right now.