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Amber MSN has 11 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN, RN, EMT-P.

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  1. University of Cincinnati PMHNP Program

    Hey Elizabeth - I just read your FB post that you’re transferring out of our cohort. So so sorry it’s been such a pain for you. Fingers crossed your next experience is much more positive!
  2. Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

    Also, studies are VERY clear during pregnancy. Get vaccinated and boosted. New article from Medscape today:
  3. Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

    And it’s absolutely legal for an employer to require a healthcare professional to be vaccinated prior to/immediately after hiring. I worked in the army along with ERs all over the US and I’ve been required to be vaccinated for anthrax, meningitis, Co...
  4. Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

    It is far more dangerous for you to get Covid while pregnant than getting vaccinated/boosted. It’s our job as healthcare professionals to keep ourselves and our patients safe, and studies support that’s by getting boosted - I got my booster in my fir...
  5. VA NP Residencies / Resedency

    Anyone have any insight on this topic? TIA!
  6. VA NP Residencies / Resedency

    I’d love to start a thread with those who were accepted and/or not accepted to the VA NP residency programs. I graduate from a post master’s PMHNP program in ‘22 and would love to hear how competitive they are before spending the time and money apply...
  7. Nurse Practitioner Residencies

    @Psych-DNP I was hoping to pick your brain about your acceptance into the VA residency program. What did you experience look like before? Are you a veteran? I’d love any information. I’m originally from CA and before spending time applying to all of ...
  8. University of Cincinnati PMHNP Program

    Abdullah Hassan - just like with the proctored exam question, for the millionth time, there's no homework. You'll have to ask your faculty for syllabus related questions. Please contact your advisor for anything else as I'm really not sure I'm going ...
  9. University of Cincinnati PMHNP Program

    I think I counted it being asked 4 times. Either way, I'm not sure I can help with the rest of your questions as I started much further along in the program and didn't take the basic MSN courses, just the psych specific ones. Anything I haven't menti...
  10. Exam platform pmhnp online post masters cert

    GUYS - you're asking the same questions over and over. As I mentioned already: - THEY PROCTOR EXAMS. This is good and you want them to proctor otherwise you're all cheating and who the heck needs to memorize anything at that point. This is gradu...
  11. University of Cincinnati PMHNP Program

    I'm not sure what you mean by "homework exams" and I didn't need to take the class you mentioned - they don't have what I would typically refer to as homework in graduate school, but as an example I just submitted a 15 page APA paper with 6 reference...
  12. University of Cincinnati PMHNP Program and I'm told have some. I just ordered mine through the student book store or amazon. Sorry!
  13. Exam platform pmhnp online post masters cert

    therang I can tell you for ANY graduate level program, if you're taking any exam that isn't proctoring them, I wouldn't trust the program. UC proctors every exam - I'm almost done with the program and I think it's just been a few quizzes here and the...
  14. University of Cincinnati PMHNP Program

    Oh boy that's an expensive program! I used to have a cabin in Big Bear and I've visited that school before with some friends. It's really nice but I didn't realize they had a psych NP BSN-DNP program. Really great choice either way and good luck to y...
  15. University of Cincinnati PMHNP Program

    I meant what school did you end up at. It's been many years since I took Biostats, etc. so things have changed a bit. I believe you can still rent books from Amazon. Find a facebook group for your cohort and ask them what everyone's doing for that sc...