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  1. RoseKas

    The auditors are here

    Well, I am happy you still have your job, although surveyors just love to play "Gotcha!" and make our lives more complicated, don't they?! At my last place of employment, they actually wrote up our ICF for not having enough choices of jelly flavors o...
  2. RoseKas

    The auditors are here

    Claver, I read your postings regarding your awful survey, and am wondering how it went for you still have your job??? I've read some of your postings, and can tell you are a wonderful DD nurse, and am hoping things work out ok. We have open...
  3. RoseKas

    Need suggestions as I'm frustrated!

    i've been in the dd field for quite some time...13 years...and have this suggestion: go to this is an organization of dd nurses, and there are lots of us out there. maybe someone there can help you. in regards to your particul...
  4. RoseKas

    Any RACC Alumni out there?

    Hi! Looking to contact any former classmates of mine from Reading Area Community College, class of 1980. Can't believe it's now 25 years, and hoping someone out there would be interested in doing something reunion-wise.