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  1. ny2lvgirl

    LPN program at CSN Nevada

    Congratulations! I guess there's not enough applicants to do the Fast Track program What are those science sequence you're talking about? I actually saw Ms. B. Kraus, I was so excited, I gave her a BIG hug! I am now looking for CNA work/experience, It will be good to see that in my resume once we're done with LPN, any recommendations :) BTW, I might have to do the BIO 189 too, since it's way over 7 years :) maybe we can take classes together :)
  2. ny2lvgirl

    LPN program at CSN Nevada

    I got my acceptance letter yesterday! I guess theres not enough studens for fast track Goodluck to you :)
  3. ny2lvgirl

    LPN program at CSN Nevada

    It will take 60 days (from the deadline date) to hear the results, per Ms. D. Britt. That means, we all start in Fall. It sucks because, I think just like you, I am done with all the Gen.Eds. So, in Fall, I will only have 1 class to take. In Spring of 2014, I will only have 2 classes to take....grrrr! Message me if you want to share more info's :)
  4. ny2lvgirl

    LPN program at CSN Nevada

    I did apply. I also called the office because I wanted to know if there will be a Fast Track this May. But I guess, not enough applicants, so we are all starting in Fall (bummer)!
  5. ny2lvgirl

    National University RN program beware

    I heard that the school is in litigation and students are appealing for discriminations because too many policies were broken. I also heard that the quality of lectures are bad and they have no support for students (after they announced that they are closing, that's when they hired a tutor). They focused more on the ATI (pass/fail) but not how a student should learn after graduating or being in the nursing field. I doubt if they will get approved for BSN, students are sending all their complaints to NV State Board of Nursing. Students are not prepared for NCLEX, that's why they have low pass rating. They practice on ATI and if you fail it, the student fail the class. What a way to focus a nursing student.
  6. ny2lvgirl

    TEAS online practice questions

    Can the rationales be viewed right away or will it only show the topics that you scored at the end result? Ans it cannot be paused? How long or how many minutes per category? Thanks
  7. ny2lvgirl

    TEAS online practice questions

    To all of you who took the online practice I have a couple of questions: Is it timed? Can it be paused? can you see the rationales? Is it divided by categories/sections or is it all mixed? Thanks
  8. ny2lvgirl

    Equivalent courses between NSC and CSN for RN to BSN?

    What class is NURS 310 (not listed in pre-reqs) at NSC that I can take at CSN? Thanks
  9. ny2lvgirl

    ATI Appeal

    I feel you. I am too in the same situation but a little bit worst. I got dismissed in the program due to this ATI. I have one more class to finish before graduating. School policy is: 2 failure is dismissal from the program. the ati was my second, but i did not fail the theory and clinical. I am appealing because i was not given the 3rd chance just like my other 2 classmates. Both of them failed the medical calculations that is given before they progress to the new class. Also, i am appealing to get refund back, because the school did not get accreditation last may but the only told us in october. if the school told us about it in the timely manner, i could have get out of it (2 classes were taken during may, october i have 2 more classes to finish). we were left with no choice and had to stick with it. In my case, it was the bad luck of ati. now, i am in debt, i cannot get my official transcript because i cannot repay (unemployed), and will have to retake the whole thing. So i am deciding to appeal for discrimination and hoping to get money back. btw, i reported this to the nursing board.