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  1. katb4rn

    OH license ?

    I sent my Application to boards and paid pearson vue first week of april ....... I graduated june 8th School sent stuff supposely june 11th or 12th.... They told me middle of july...uggg!!! Im still waiting....I just want to schedule and get it over with.
  2. katb4rn

    Stupid things that nurses say

    This made me giggle....
  3. katb4rn

    17 years out of school, if I did it, so can everyone too :)

    i'm waiting for my att to make my appointment...i am sooo nervous. maybe i dont want it right away...lol what did you do to prepare for boards? i am such a bad test taker that i am frantically looking at many books. so far...kaplan, sylvia rayfield and a delegation book. any advice?
  4. katb4rn

    New Grad, waiting for ATT...uggh!

    Anyone else just graduated and waiting for an ATT? I wonder how many more appointments are left for July at the columbus Pearson.