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  1. Lanceman

    Roll call! who got accepted for spring 2006?

    I'm starting an ADN program in Spring '06 as well. Just went and took my drug screen and got fingerprinted today. All I have left to do is get my physical done Friday and get a titer test at the health department tomorrow. I just got out of the military after six years so this will be a second career for me also. I'm still in the reserves, couldn't bring myself to let those retirement points be wasted, my luck I'll probably get called back in the middle of the program. I hear ya SMK1 on those fees adding up. I will be out of pocket over $2,000 just to start the program but my GI Bill will eventually reimburse me after I start. The total program will be almost $6,000 but that isn't bad considering that is about one semester at the private schools around here. Good Luck everyone :)
  2. The program I am applying to is brand new and the class starting this Spring is their first. Well they just announced all the pre-reqs and such in August with the application deadline in October. Well a RN friend of mine was talking to one of the CNA instructors from the same school's Nursing Department while they were doing clinicals at her facility. She was told that they had received 250 applications but only 12 qualified for the new RN program so far (I qualified so I am one of the 12). They have 25 spots to fill. Apparently they are worried they won't get enough people to qualify. They are supposed to be sending out acceptance letters next week so I'm not in for sure yet but it looks good from my standpoint (I hope they don't cancel the class due to lack of students though). I think it caught some people by surprise that they stood the program up that fast and most don't have the pre-req's completed. I had done a bunch of common pre-req's and co-req's for RN programs over the last few years and happened to already have everything done when I decided to pursue an ADN and this opportunity came up. Just wanted share, talk to you all later. Lance
  3. Lanceman

    Does it really matter?

    As long as both schools are in the same state (I am am assuming both are public institutions) you shouldn't have any problem transfering classes from one to the other. Going from one state to another can be a hassle sometimes and even trying to bring public university credits into a private one can be tricky.
  4. Lanceman

    Any other "second career" students out there?

    I just finished 6 years in the military as an electronics technician and the decision is in the hands of the RN program selection board at this point. Should find out by the beginning of Nov. for the Jan06 start date.
  5. Lanceman

    Average GPA?

    THe program I am waiting on acceptance from factors in GPA along with many other things. They award "points" for GPA, HESI admission test, prior work experience, co-requisites completed, and support courses/electives completed. Out of 100 points possible I have 57.5. It sounds bad but it is a decent score considering I don't have any prior healthcare experience or training. Mine is boosted because I have many of the co-requisite and support electives done and that brought my score up to around where some of the people with healthcare experience are sitting at. The application process is made to favor LPN and CNA applicants. Luckily for me it looks like not that many have applied for the program this year.
  6. Lanceman

    For all those waiting on acceptance letters.....

    I turned my application package in near the end of September, should know something around the 1st of November. The College here is standing up a new RN program and this will be the first class. Since it is a new program and we are in a rural area there have only been about 60 applicants for 20 spots. Things look pretty good, I had a 3.7 GPA and all the pre and co-reqs (except microbiology) completed in advance. Everyone applying to the program took the HESI Admission Assessment in September and I got the 3rd highest score (91%) There were some sub-70 scores so that eliminated some people right off the bat. I was told my "points" total was one of the highest so we'll see what happens. With it being the first year of the program I imagine there will be some bumps in the road for everybody because I don't think they get accredited until after their first class takes the NCLEX. The admission process happened so fast for this new program from the time they announced the new program to the application deadline that many local people that wanted to apply didn't have all the pre-reqs needed so that is one reason for the smaller applicant pool. Good Luck everybody
  7. Lanceman

    how much do DONs earn per year?

    I looked it up on salary.com once, major cities had compensation packages approaching $200,000 per year, mid size cities around 100-150k and smaller places in the 50-100k range. It's all about location and size of the facility. When I say compensation package I am talking about pay, benefits, bonuses, etc all together. Not a bad check but in a big corporation or major hospital could you even imagine the amounts of buttkissing and backstabbing that would have to be done to achieve that position :) j/k
  8. Lanceman

    Deflating Moment for a Soon to be New Grad

    Seems like everyone is in agreement that they couldn't work in people's mouths all day. That's probably the answer as to why they get paid more right there. I certainly couldn't do it, dental-related work is about the only thing that creeps me out. As far as nurses making too little, they only make so little because they allow themselves to be paid that little. They are not indentured servants (in most cases) and could always travel or move to a more lucrative area if more money is desired. The policeman in my small town start out at $23,000 a year. Most get some experience and move to the bigger cities nearby where they double their income, but with that they more than double the risks they take and crap they deal with. Supply and demand.
  9. Lanceman

    Colleague bitten by pt--what should be done for the bitee?

    Does the bitee have a legal right to defend themselves from the biter ? If I am ever bitten they will easily be able to obtain a blood sample from the nose of the biter :) Seriously I would at least call the police and have them arrested for assault, customer service goes out the window at that point.
  10. Lanceman

    why are cna's treated like they are stupid and replaceable?

    We actually had a facility director tell us one time that if a Union was brought in the parent company had already decided they would shut the facility down. It's in the south they pretty much don't tolerate unions here, regardless of what the law says.
  11. Lanceman

    The Bullying Thread

    In my opinion, in any environment, bullying is a part of life. It is like any other human behavior, it is natural. That doesn't mean one has to be passive or run away from it but it will never go away. You see bullying in everything from government to religion to education to overall life in general. There will always be dominant and passive people. Life is not and never will be "FAIR", besides life is only temporary, don't take it so seriously, make it work for you and don't let it work you :)
  12. Lanceman

    LTC patients being sexually abused?

    The toy could have been taped under that sink for years, might have belonged to an entirely different resident, has anybody there thrown out that idea yet? Is it a habit of the staff to inspect the underside of the sinks on a regular basis or was this item discovered accidently?
  13. Lanceman

    LTC patients being sexually abused?

    I would put my money on it being a resident's. Why would an abuser go through all the trouble to tape it under a sink at the scene of the hypothetical crime ? Of course we don't know the state of the residents mental or physical conditions, if they are alert and in control of their actions then it would seem unlikely this involved foul play of some sort. It would take a very daring or insane abuser to not only do something like this but then to leave the evidence at the scene. I feel extremely sorry for any male employess at this facility because they all will automatically be guilty until proven innocent. Even if it was a resident's now that it has been publicly announced that could make them too embarrassed to admit it was theirs. You never know though, there are some sick people in this world. I hope, if there was any sexual abuse taking place, they quickly find the guilty party and put them under the jail. Maybe they will perform tests on the objects and see if any samples match the residents in question.
  14. Lanceman

    People complaining about WAGES!!!!

    I have just about made up my mind to stop going for my BSN and try to get into a Radiologic Tech school within the next year. I have one friend who does it and he makes almost the same amount as RN's I know (between $20 and $25 an hour) From discussing it with him and some Rn's I know they all say to go the Radiologic route since I have the time, they all say it is less stress, less liability/responsibility, don't have to deal with families very often, only see patients for a short time, no medication error worries and just about the same money. Plus in my area there are plenty of openings in both fields so that isn't an issue.
  15. Lanceman

    Have you been injured by a doctor?

    If anyone ever physically touches you or hits you with a thrown object you have every right to call the police and have them arrested for assault. I wouldn't be thinking of a lawsuit, I would be too happy seeing them taken out of the hospital in handcuffs after I agreed to press charges :) To be honest if someone threw something or hit me out of anger the police wouldn't be able to get there fast enough, there would already be a brawl in progress......
  16. Lanceman

    What should I do about this awful instructor???

    Yeah thats why they let just about any other profession in the world go straight to a masters without any real work experience. Nursing shouldn't be any different. Pharmacists and Physical Therapists don't have 10 years experience under their belt when they get a Masters. If someone is motivated when they are younger, in school mode already, and has less responsibilities then they should get all the education available to them while they have the chance. I'm thinking of switching my major to criminal science/criminology anyway. About have decided nursing is not for me. I have been in the military and in law enforcement and both didn't seem half as under appreciated or stressful as the nursing profession. At least in law enforcement the abusive public one encounters can be put in their place (within the law of course), you get to yell at people sometimes, and occasionally get to tackle someone and put the cuffs on 'em, they oughtta let nurses do that :)