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  1. Who accesses central lines in radiology?

    Our CT and MRI techs can start IVs (nurses do most though which allows techs to do more scans) and they give all IV contrast. As nurses, we prep patients for procedures, calculate GFRs, hydrate patients if needed prior to contrast administration. W...
  2. Mri nurse and icu pts

    I am looking for feedback from other rad nurses that work in MRI and INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY. I would like to know how you deal with ICU pts and critical ER trauma pts . Do your ICU or ER nurses stay with these types of pts? If not, have there bee...
  3. hydration for low GFR's

    I would like to hear how other institutions are handling low GFR's. At my institution, we recently started calculating GFR's for both CT. If GFR is below 60 for CT, we hydrate patients prior to the CT with contrast. The hydration process is 200cc/...
  4. How to get started

    Where I work, a nurse must have either ER or ICU experience. We have many critically ill pts coming to radiology. You could likely work in CT since the ICU nurses stay with their pt in CT but otherwise these pts are left in your care. You could wo...
  5. Nursing in IR department

    I work at a teaching facility where the lead IR technologist is the board runner/leader of the department. Nurses are not treated as afterthoughts. Some nurses have had a problem with a rad tech directing them. My thought is we are all an essentia...
  6. SICU with No Surgery Patients :(

    I am an old ER nurse who transferred to interventional radiology/angio 6 months ago. I am not so surprised to hear that SICU census is down considering all the embolizations of traumatic organ injuries that we perform on trauma patients. Not only d...