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  1. tytta73

    Recent Wages Denver vs CO Springs

    Hello! I was new to Denver (for 6 months) and now I'm moving to CO springs with 5 years of total nursing experience and I was wondering what the difference was. Ideally I'd like to make the same or more. I'm at more than $30/hr. And I'm reading about centura vs UC so I'd like to see what's everyone's current opinion is. I'd appreciate any input esp any tips with wages.
  2. tytta73

    Travel vs FT vs per diem in Colorado

    ok thank you!
  3. Hello! I need some guidance. I'm a FL RN with 5 yrs of ex, 2 of which is ED. I'll be moving to Colorado with my fiancée and I want to try travel but I'm not sure if it's the best choice since cost of living is high. In anyone's experience is it better to go FT or per diem or travel. I'm looking in the springs and outside of Denver mostly. The market isn't the best. The recruiter found in Loveland and fort collins but it is too north and in castle rock and Littleton. I'm not even sure what salary to ask for or know what stipend I need to survive. We know we won't be living in downtown Denver. I'm In my 30s trying to save what I can and have no kids right now but we wanted to give colorado at least a yr.
  4. I'm applying to an er position at regional and broward General. I'm currently at employee at BG for three years and I love this hospital and I used to its system but I've also always wanted to work at regional er because it too is a trauma center and I've heard of its benefits. I can't decide where to go and I have an interview with both. The one difference is day and night position which Is offered with days at regional. I'm looking for some points to consider that I can't think of. Any tips are appreciated.
  5. tytta73

    What agencies are in south florida?

    HI!! I want to start a per diem position mainly in Broward County. I might consider Miami. I've only heard of parallon and MSN agencies. What are other options? I don't really want to go with parallon b/c of HCA. And which agencies go to the Broward health district, memorial district, cleveland clinic? Does anyone have an idea? I haven't seen many ppl post much about FL
  6. tytta73

    Agency Perdiem South FL

    Hi! I am looking to start per diem but I want to avoid HCA if possible. Does anybody know which agencies other than Parallon and MSN staffing are in south FL? What agency is reputable or decent to work for? Also, I haven't seen anyone mention which agencies work at the broward districts, memorials, cleveland clinic and holy cross. Does anybody know? Any info would be appreciated!!
  7. Hello, As a new grad, I am researching hospitals but what specifically should I be looking for? How should I approach this? Other than the hospital being public or not for profit etc.? Some say they are #1 in "specialty" or the top 100 in _____ . I like critical care specifically ICU. I will be applying to some hospitals with trauma centers and some others that don't have it. I don't feel I should limit myself though. I may have to expand applying to telemetry and med-surg just in case. How do I research this? SHould I go directly to the floor I'm applying to and talk to the staff? ANy advice would help. Thank You :)

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