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  1. JovanGuss


    Well, whoever said you can't get in with a C lied. My friend got in with 1 C and her GPA was a 3.0. So you can do it!!! Good Luck
  2. JovanGuss

    LSU BSN program Spring 2013

    My friend, who goes there, told me in about one or two months That's a very long time!! I'm going to stress out until then, but I'm in school now to just waste time.
  3. JovanGuss

    LSUHSC BSN Out of State Student Stats?

    I'm in state but my GPA is 2.8 pre reqs, 3.0 LSU GPA, 78 HESI. I'm trying to get in for the spring '13 semester. Hope this helps! Good Luck getting in!
  4. JovanGuss

    Don't Stress Over the HESI

    I'm going to review what I thought about the HESI A2 since I just came from the testing center. I took the HESI A2 today and it was quite easy. I made a 76 total. I only studied one day, which it kind of shows by my grade, but whatever, I made a descent grade. My school expects 80 but I at least I tried. Here is what I got: I made nearly perfect scores on the Reading and Grammar, so if you speak basic English no need to study for that. I did not do so well in Math (76%), Vocab (70%), Bio (72%), and definitely not A&P (52%) but my school doesn't really care for A&P so I'm good :) Chemistry was ok also (88%), and I was not required to take Physics. So here is how I studied: I looked over the Vocab and A&P flash cards on quizlet, whichever ones I saw first. I just practiced each for about 30 minutes. I know not much at all but I did something lol. I'm currently in Bio and Chem for the summer, so I just winged it lol. Did ok I guess. I have never took A&P so don't judge my score on that. Math (aghhh!) I hate Math. I practiced for about one hour and (you saw the score). But anywho, here is what was on my test: The Math had too many ratios, fractions, and decimals. Make sure you really study for that. The rest was like simple stuff and conversions wasn't too bad. Reading: as easy as pie, as long as you can read. Grammar: just use TV talk, that's what I did. Vocab: know alot of that crap, I must have screwed up on that portion. Bio and Chem: just go over the basics like mitosis and crap and Chem just know the basics nothing in detail. Anatomy and Physiology know the heart and respiratory process. Many questions. So that about covers my experience taking it. I was nervous too but once you sit down and start, nothing bothers you. Just stay confident and say a quick prayer before and all should go well. Good Luck! Also ask me any question about the rest of the stuff if you want. I' like an open cheat sheet, i guess. Hurry before I forget though. I sill remember alot right now.