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  1. Effects of "Safe Haven" Bills on RN's

    Does anyone else have an opinion on "Safe Havens" for newborns? How will this effect nursing, if at all?
  2. Effects of "Safe Haven" Bills on RN's

    Wondering how RN's feel about proposed (and in many states, passed) "Safe Haven" bills? (There may be different names for these in different states) These bills would allow people to drop off unwanted newborns in ER's with no prosecution for doing ...
  3. Orems Self-Care Model????

    Here's another definition..... The Orem theory "describes the role of the nurse in giving assistance to a person experiencing inabilities in self-care. The goal of the Orem system is to meet the patient's self-care demands until the family is capabl...

    Try scrolling down the list of topics to a topic titled "nursing salaries". There are over 100 posts with examples of current salaries, both new grads and more experienced nurses, from all over the country. Good luck.

    Emma, If you are going to be working on Telemetry, you may want to get a pair of calipers for reading the monitor strips. Also maybe a pair of good bandage scissors and a pen light. Good luck with the new job.
  6. Care Plans

    Per MOSBY'S Medical, Nursing & Allied Health DICTIONARY, 3rd Edition, 1990, pg. 826, a nursing care plan is: "a plan that is based on a nursing assessment and a nursing diagnosis, devised by a nurse. It has four essential components: identificat...
  7. Question for home health nurses

    I just left a full-time job in home care, actually today was my last day. I started at $23.00/hr. and worked 8hrs./day and 40hrs./week. The per diem nurses made $36.00 per visit and $45.00 per admission visit. It was a wonderful job, in the respec...

    I am in CT and last year they ran a special that cut the CNA/ANA membership fee in half for all new members. Maybe you could call your state nurses association and see if they are planning to run any specials throughout the year.
  9. nursing salaries

    I am in Connecticut and will be starting a new job at a big teaching hospital in a few weeks on a pediatric specialty unit. I am a BSN, RN with 5 years experience and will start at a base pay rate of $20.45/hr. with a $3.05/hr. shift differential fo...