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vanurse1022 has 15 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Nursing Education, Med-Surg, Home Health, Travel.

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  1. vanurse1022

    Newbie Faculty Advice

    Hi everyone! I'm in the process of getting my MSN (I graduate in a few months!), but managed to land a job as a nursing instructor for a small town's ADN program. I've had zero experience teaching in the academic setting, but pretty much got thrown into my new role. I've hit the ground running- teaching full time while also finishing up my master's degree. I'm doing my best, but I can't lie and say everything's going smoothly. I'm already pretty discouraged and it's only my first semester! The amount of time I spend on class prep is much more than I anticipated, the amount of time I spend on stressing about school-related issues is much more than I anticipated, and the compensation for my time and effort is about 30k less than my last job. I'm already second guessing myself and wondering if academia isn't for me. I loved patient teaching (I feel like I do better with specialized areas rather than teaching entire courses like peds, for example), and wonder if the clinical setting is more my speed. Am I giving up too soon? Does everyone feel the same increase in anxiety and question all their life choices too?! Any advice or words of wisdom would be appreciated! Thanks all!
  2. vanurse1022

    New to Rehab- Advice??

    Hi everyone! So, a little background on me: I've been a nurse for 10 years. Most of my experience has been with med-surg, but I've had some primary care, LTC, hospice and ICU step-down experience as well. Let me also say that 9 years of my experience has been with the VA (ie, I've been charting on the same platform for the past 9 years!). I'm starting a PRN rehab job soon with a private hospital. That being said, I'd like some advice! Having had no previous experience with FIM scores and other rehab specific items (therapy, charting, etc.), am I crazy?! Getting used to their charting is difficult enough (they use Ace-It for those of you who are familiar), and I'm only going to get 3 days of orientation on the floor. Needless to say, I'm a little nervous! Any tips and tricks would be appreciated! :)
  3. vanurse1022

    What nursing task do you loathe???

    "Adding to my last post--when you take off a patient's socks and you see all of their flakes of skin dispersing through the air. i feel like I'm breathing it in and its getting in my hair, on my scrubs, etc...yuck!!! " Gross, yes!!!!! I just posted the same thing! I try to hold my breath as if that would make a difference....gross!!! Just GROSS!!!
  4. vanurse1022

    What nursing task do you loathe???

    Trying to do anything with a patient that has super dry flaky skin! I just know those skin flakes are floating up into my nose! Or in my hair! Gross!!! I don't know what worse though, that, or having to clean out someone's super waxy ears with a waterpik (I did that for the first time the other day, and I have to say, it may be worse than trach care!!).
  5. vanurse1022

    Housing in Oregon

    No, I'll be working as a travel nurse. Good luck in school!
  6. vanurse1022

    Any Help Appreciated!!

    I'll PM you!
  7. vanurse1022

    Any Help Appreciated!!

    I drive everywhere, except to Alaska....that was a bit too far for me Certain places are eligible for rental cars (like Alaska and Hawaii). The VA asks that you rely on public transportation when possible, but if it's not available, you can ask for approval for a rental. Yes, Philly was bad. I don't even know where to begin! That's the only VA I would not go back to out of all that I've been to. The rest were generally very welcoming and helpful, and appreciative of having an extra person around. Do you work for a VA now? All VAs use the same computer systems which is nice, and since it's government, you don't have to worry about licensing; one license is good for all 50 states! That alone was incentive enough to keep with it. The pay and benefits didn't hurt either :)
  8. vanurse1022

    Any Help Appreciated!!

    I've been with the TNC for almost 3 years. I'm been to Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago, Fresno, Denver, Charleston, Anchorage...it's been a blast! I arrange my own housing through corporate housing folks. The VA pays up to a certain amount (which has always been more than enough). I don't think the website's out of date, just not a lot of info on it. The "Compensation" tab tells you your per diem rates for every city in the US which is helpful. The only thing I wouldn't even bother with is the "Opportunities" tab. Once you start working, you get emails every couple weeks on current assignments. If you're interested, I can send you a list. That's the only bummer about the program is not having an online current/interactive list; but they're working on it! Email Jacque Jackson if you have questions (she's the director of the program): Jacqueline.jackson2@va.gov Good luck!
  9. vanurse1022

    AHNCC Certification

    Hi all! Wondering if any of you have gotten certified as holistic nurses through AHNCC? I'm taking the exam in October, and was hoping to get an idea of how to study (aside from using the AHNA book). Any suggestions are much appreciated!
  10. vanurse1022

    Any Help Appreciated!!

    I use the VA Travel Nurse Corps! Their application process is a bit more intense than others (actually, a lot....not gonna lie) but it's SO worth it!! I've looked at supplementing with private agencies a few times, but none of them compared to benefits or pay of the VA. Check them out! www.travelnurse.va.gov You may want to begin the application process and take an assignment with a private agency while you wait to hear from the VA though. If you have any questions let me know! :)
  11. vanurse1022

    Changing specialities?

    I'm a med-surg travel nurse, and wanted to get some ER experience. So while I was on assignment, I spent some time (of my own, not paid) orienting in the ER. It was a lot of work, but was worth it to open up more opportunities in the future! You can talk with the nursing supervisor or manager at your facility and ask them to connect you with managers in other departments to set something up.
  12. vanurse1022

    Housing in Oregon

    Hi everyone! I'm going to Roseburg, OR in early August. Anyone have housing or know someone that would do a short term lease? The market's pretty scarce right now, so I'll take just about anything I can get at this point! Thanks! Lindsay
  13. vanurse1022

    Clinical Instructor Advice

    Hi everyone! Just wondering what your thoughts are on clinical instructor positions. Is it difficult to get a job as an instructor? Do you enjoy it? Is it manageable with a full time job? Any pointers/suggestions/tips on how to get started (or in general)? Thanks so much!
  14. vanurse1022

    Nutrition certification/education for nurses

    From what I remember, you have a video scenario, then answer questions regarding each video. Honestly, I breezed through it! Maybe took 30 minutes. The questions are very similar to the practice ones, so if you do ok with those, you won't have a problem :)
  15. vanurse1022

    Nutrition certification/education for nurses

    The Wellness Forum Institute offers a Nutrition Educator diploma that focuses on plant-based nutrition, but also includes other lifestyles in comparison. While costly, it looks like an awesome program! Wellness Forum Institute for Health Studies - Course and Program Information
  16. vanurse1022

    Anyone done NIWH Whole Health Educator program?

    Hate to hear that NIWH didn't work out...it is quite expensive. It looked promising though! Glad I got your input because I'm looking for a similar program. I am an advocate for a whole foods plant based diet, and wanted a program that highlighted that, but also mentioned other diets in a non-biased way. That way we can talk about them accurately and provide clients with information to help them make the best decision for them; hopefully the WFPB option :) Thanks again for your response!