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  1. FLCrackerPN

    How much do you pay monthly for Health insurance?

    $1277 per month for myself and 4 kids.. Premium keeps going up, but my family's income stays the same. We don't qualify for subsidies Husbands employer only pays for HIS insurance premium.
  2. FLCrackerPN

    Poll: Nurse and law enforcement couples

    I am not married to a LEO, but I know many couples who are medical field/ law enforcement. For instance my mama is a paramedic and my daddy is a retired LEO and my little brother is a LEO and his wife is a nurse. My previous employer, a NP, is also married to a LEO. :)
  3. FLCrackerPN

    Stethoscope/clinical supplies

    All through LPN school I carried a cold, clunky, awkward metal clipboard and was dreading having to do the same in August when I start the RN program, and then I came across this post. I had not heard of these before now and I was so smitten with the idea of a truly portable clipboard that I immediately went and ordered one of these things. Can't wait til it comes in!! Thanks for sharing!!
  4. FLCrackerPN

    Finished my ADN!

  5. FLCrackerPN

    Nursing School with Baby ... Possible?

    I know that your situation may not be exactly like mine was, but as mothers we all face similar struggles. I finished a very rigorous Practical Nursing program all the while juggling 3 kids (ages at the time were 10, 7, and 2 1/2 yo), and a husband who worked full time, so to answer your question it is certainly "do-able" it just takes a LOT of organization and prioritizing. The one great thing about the position you are in with regards to having a 9 month old is that you don't have to feel guilty about missing any school or sports functions while you are at clinicals or studying. To maximize your time at home with your baby, make sure that you get in as much study time as you can while on campus, I always packed a lunch and stayed on campus to study intead of leaving with the crowd at lunch time to eat. I also found that it helped to record lectures and listen to them on the ride back and forth to school. Study during your little one's nap time and of course a little bit after he/she goes to bed for the night. There are going to be somedays where no matter how much planning out time for studying you do, that little one is just gonna need his mama and you are gonna have to just push the books aside for a little bit and cuddle him/her. If possible get the grandparents on board and have them help as much as possible so that you can have extra study time and/or be able to relax and have a brief moment to yourself. I also paid a trustworthy teenager to comeover somedays, even while I was home, to tend to the kids while I was in my room studying. That allowed me to study for a bit with out worrying about the kids burning the house down, yet also be able to get up and take a breather from the studying and emerge from my room to spend a few minutes with the kids before going back for more so to speak. I am scheduled to start the RN program this Fall and will once again face this same struggle only this time I have 4 kids (15,12,8, and 2) and a husband to deal with, so we will see if I can follow my own advice once again. I wish you the best of luck on your journey to becoming an RN, don't let the negative voices get you down, if you can dream it you can achieve it!!
  6. FLCrackerPN

    NOTES...how do you take yours?

    I found that I retain more of the information if I hand write my notes. I also use a voice recorder for added security so that I can go back and replay something if I missed it the first time. :)
  7. FLCrackerPN

    What is the freaking deal with OB?

    I have always had a passion for all things related to women's health, especially those things that surround the birth process and lactation. I don't know if it is because of the familiarity of it all (since I too have a vagina and have managed to push 4 kids of it), but it is the ONLY area of nursing that stirs emotion and excites me and is the SOLE reason that I am returning to get my RN degree this fall. We did a brief OB rotation when I was in PN school and it only served to strengthen my desire to focus on that area of nursing in particular. The funny thing is that I literally was the ONLY student in my class who loved that clinical rotation and wanted to eventually work in that field.
  8. FLCrackerPN

    HESI entrance exam- STOP WORRYING!

    I took my HESI on March 24, and there were quite a few word problems on the test, but they were VERY easy. Basic stuff like figuring up sales tax, money spent, how much of a particular ingredient you may need, a few word problems that involved conversions and percentages. Literally EVERY math problem on the test mirrored the HESI Admission Exam Review 3rd edition book, to a "T". The same thing goes for the vocab portion, although instead of asking you for the exact meaning of a word or giving a word and asking for a definition, there were a lot of problems that gave a situation and asked what the word meant in that context. If I could give you a piece of advice do the Math and Reading portions first. For obvious reasons, it's better to do the Math when you are still fresh and then Reading because the passages are insanely boring and there are a LOT of them and you don't want to wait until the end and be exhausted and still have all those paragraphs to have to read and comprehend. Goodluck!!
  9. FLCrackerPN

    HESI entrance exam- STOP WORRYING!

    I can attest to everything the OP says.... I worked myself up over nothing, after hearing all of the horror stories, I had made myself physically ill with GI upset, palpitations, etc. going into this exam. I too used the Hesi Admission Assesment Review 3rd edition as my main study tool, and it paid off because I walked out of there with a 94.5 cumulative score and a 930/1000 on the Critical Thinking portion. The Math, Vocab, Grammar, and Reading Comprehension were almost EXACTLY like the book. I didn't have to take the Chemistry/ Biology/A&P so I can't say if it was exactly like the book or not. Seriously people, don't lose much sleep over this one, get the HESI 3rd Edition Book, study it , and get a good nights sleep before the test and you will do great. Good luck to all of you!!... Oh, yeah.. CONGRATS OP on a awesome RNET/HESI score!!!
  10. FLCrackerPN

    What I Wish I Would Have Known About the HESI A2 Entrance Exam!

    I am scheduled to take this beast tomorrow morning at 10:00... to say that I am terrified would be a gross understatement, but your post has really helped to put my mind at ease a great deal. Thanks again OP for a very informative and mind easing post.
  11. FLCrackerPN

    The dumbest thing you've ever heard...

    I seriously had a 19 yo come in for a pregnancy test, upon gathering her history, I learned that she began feeling pregnancy symptoms a few weeks after she, "Gave" her "boyfriend a blow job and swallowed" !!!! Pt went on to state that she "never had sex with him, but it was a really big load"........ Needless to stay I had to step out of the exam room for a moment, and somehow managed to make it back to the HCPs office and out of ear shot before I collapsed in laughter.
  12. FLCrackerPN

    Nursing and the Ebola Virus

    Looks like we have POTENTIAL case of Ebola that isn't tucked safely away in the isolation unit at Emory... praying this person's tests come back negative.... New York City Hospital Treating Potential Ebola Patient - ABC News
  13. FLCrackerPN

    Ebola in the US

    Although I wish they had sent medical equipment and supplies and treated them over THERE, at this point I am not as concerned about Ebola spreading from the two patients at Emory as I am about the NYC Patient that is hospitalized with ebloa symptoms after recently traveling to West Africa. New York City Hospital Treating Potential Ebola Patient - ABC News
  14. FLCrackerPN


    OB is my absolute passion... it was by far my favorite clinical rotation in PN school and is pretty much the ONLY reason that I am bridging from PN to RN. I also like geriatrics, but my ultimate goal is to be working in L&D.
  15. FLCrackerPN

    From One Nursing Student to the Next

    WOW!! Great list..brought back so many memories of the year I spent in the LPN program back in 2010... I am printing this and tucking it away in my binder to use as a PRN pep talk, as I finish my last semester of Pre/Co-reqs this fall and prepare to start the bridge program this spring.
  16. I have no problem with color coded scrubs so long as I can choose the brand/style scrubs that I wear, because we all know that not all styles/brands fit everyone the same way. I actually quit working for a certain medical group in my area after only a month of employment, due to the ill fitting uniforms I was required to wear, I asked them why I couldn't just purchase my own scrubs the same color in a brand that fits my body better and they said that I couldn't do that because they had a contract with a certain uniform company. Well, you can only work so many hours in itchy scrubs that are constantly sagging between your crotch before you snap and tell them to take their job and shove it. Ironically, they scrapped that uniform supplier about 6 months after I quit and allowed the nurses to buy brands of their choice so long as it was in the required color.