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thinbluelineRN is a MSN, NP and specializes in Corrections, Public Health, Occupational Medicine.

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  1. thinbluelineRN

    Occupational Health Nurse practitioner

    Not at all- I started off as a new grad and am almost finishing up my 18 months! We have plenty of clinics in New Jersey!!
  2. thinbluelineRN

    Occupational Health Nurse practitioner

    If you work at one of our centers it is 8-5pm Monday through Friday with no weekends, and no calls. If you work at an onsite clinic (meaning you are based at a company as a contractor but work for Concentra) your hours are basically defined inthe terms of your contract- so mine is 7-4pm Monday through Friday with no weekend provider coverage. I strictly do occupational med since I am contracted to a large vendor. In the urgent care you will do both occ med and urgent care, department of transportation physicals (which I do as well) , hearing tests, fit tests etc.
  3. thinbluelineRN

    Your Interview Experience

    yes I think I am in a unique role therefore so many interviews. Most of my classmates had two interviews and were done. I actually interview really well because I always feel like I have options ( to do other things besides being a RN or NP- I used to be an engineer and have a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering), so when I interview the interview is also me checking out the company to see if they are a match to my needs as well and this has always put me at ease during interviews.
  4. thinbluelineRN

    Your Interview Experience

    I had a phone interview with the recruiter, than another one with the MD incharge of onsite accounts (I work in a occupational health clinic based at a food manufacturing site- so my company is an independent contractor), then another phone interview with a different MD who is my supervising physicians boss, then a face to face interview with the same MD (supervising physicians boss) then another in person interview with the VP of HR of the food manufacturing place and person in charge of occ med claims at the food manufacturing place- the whole thing took about a week. The offered me a job on Saturday morning! That was 16 months ago and I have not looked back since:)
  5. thinbluelineRN

    Job hunt

    The free version works! I have been contacted numerous times by recruiters for jobs on the free version. Happy job hunting and goodluck.
  6. thinbluelineRN

    Prescription "cookbooks?"

    I use the Epocrates free version app on my iphone.
  7. thinbluelineRN

    np rate per patient

    Yes but you are salaried yes a NP. If you do the math an RN can make the same amount (at least in Cali) with OT and not with the huge amount of responsibility and or liability.
  8. thinbluelineRN

    Psych NP working in North Carolina? Whats it really like?

    Since you are in psych have you thought of doing Telepsych? Indeed usually has a quite a few postings for that. Just a thought.
  9. thinbluelineRN

    np rate per patient

    If you think FNP gets paid more than a RN I would do mt research again.....
  10. I'm an Occupational Nurse NP and pretty much learned everything on the job:)
  11. thinbluelineRN

    New Grad NP - How I Got Multiple Job Offers

    Or they do and just deal with it like me:) I developed severe allergies when I moved from the Bay Area to the Central Valley about 12 years ago with a 1 year old in tow. She suffered a lot too but no longer has allergies at all while I still take meds for it and am seriously thinking of getting allergy shots. I don't mind the heat since I was born and raised on an island and the housing prices are way more affordable- do I miss the big city- sometimes, but its 2 hours away. I has no problems getting three job offers right when I graduated. I picked the one that I felt was the best fit for me and a year into it, not regretting the decision at all. Its not for everyone but like another poster said, it is some of the nest rural health experience you will get, especially if you are working primary care.
  12. thinbluelineRN

    Do you have your own malpractice insurance?

    I have CM&F and have always carried my own liability insurance from RN days.
  13. thinbluelineRN


    So that you have an accurate recount of what exactly happened (with correct timeframes) just in case your previous company decided to take legal action. I'm glad everything worked out and that you are feeling better.
  14. I'm in an urgent care and as of today, we are required to wear a mask at all times during patient interactions. We are allowed one mask per day per person (healthcare provider).
  15. thinbluelineRN

    We Did Not Sign Up For This

    We did not sign up for this. I swear when this is all said and done, no administrator better ever tell us that something is "not in policy" because I'm pretty sure wearing correct PPE and not having to reuse it is also in policy but that is not being followed right now!
  16. thinbluelineRN

    NP's how are you these days?

    Update from my onsite occmed clinic- my traffic has increased 3 fold. Now I'm being sent patient who have URI and cold symptoms to triage even though my company is not testing for COVID-19 or providing test kits.