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thinbluelineRN is a MSN, NP and specializes in Corrections, Public Health, Occupational Medicine.

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  1. thinbluelineRN

    Help a year later and I am still obsessing about my med error

    Besides getting your own malpractice insurance I think you should also seek some professional help. It's been a year since this incident and I'm sure you have learned from this med error and are extra vigilant but you also should not live in this much anxiety and fear.
  2. thinbluelineRN

    Greater Western Telehealth

    Have you tired advertising on social media- InstaG, LinkedIn etc.
  3. thinbluelineRN

    Applying for NP application and furnishing number in California

    I know this does not help now but you could have applied for your furnishing number and license as soon as your degree posted to your transcript. In fact I applied for mine in October 2018 and graduated in December 2018 and had my license and furnishing number by February. I took boards in March and was ready for a job as soon as I got an official letter from AANP of my passing.
  4. thinbluelineRN

    How long it took you to find your first NP job

    I had a tentative job offer before I even did boards. As soon as I passed boards and got the official letter, I had started. Also I did not wait until after passing boards to apply for my furnishing number (you can do this right after your graduate and degree gets posted to your transcript) so I was good to go like a week after I passed boards.
  5. thinbluelineRN

    How does physician oversight work

    I'm in California and my supervising physician comes once a week to sign charts. But I work in workman's comp so some documents have to have physician signature. as far as decision making, ordering medications and referrals, he has never told me or disagreed about any decisions I have made thus far. I'm a new grad (6 months) and always worry about missing things but he has nothing but positive feedback for my work so far...he is also a hand surgeon and very knowledgeable and is always willing to teach me new things.
  6. thinbluelineRN

    AG-CNS or FNP

    Depends on what you want to do. The role of a CNS and NP is very different. In CA a CNS cannot prescribe medications. Look up the roles as defined by your board of nursing. If oyur ultimate dream is to work as an RNFA why not do that instead of the DNP? Goodluck with your future endeavors.
  7. thinbluelineRN

    RN to DNP-FNP

    If you are becoming an NP for the pay raise and live in California, please do not do it. RN's make more money (adding PT, extra shifts) than NPs here and if you arr thinking of funding your DNP with a student loan be very aware, the repayment on that is like a monthly mortgage payment. Look at the jobs advertised for NPs in your are and see if the market is good or saturated? Also take into consideration if you can move. Goodluck with your decision.
  8. thinbluelineRN

    BSN to MD

    I believe you need all your sciences and two semesters of organic chem and 2-3 semesters of Calculus completed beforehand. Maybe biochemistry and also a basic course in genetics.
  9. thinbluelineRN

    Why are FNP paid less than Psychiatric NP?

    Wow 100 graduates! We had a local PMHNP program that lost their credentialing and we are so in need of PMHNPs. Noone I know wants to work in psych and they find it very demanding so the pay for PMHNPs are higher in our area than FNPs.
  10. thinbluelineRN

    New NP pay

    Yes you are making at least as much if not more then most NPs in California. I'm a new grad NP, working in occupational medicine. My base salary is 140k (no calls no weekends) and because I am an onsite provider I can adjust the times I am at work e.g on Monday and Wednesday I work from 9am-6pm and the rest of the days I work from 7am -4pm.
  11. thinbluelineRN

    Addiction Medicine & NP role

    Yes a PMHNP would be better suited but pain management/addiction medicine often hires social workers (MSW) to do the counselling part and the FNP deals with the medication part. At least that is how it is in California and where my friend works. As a FNP you can prescribe psych medications...
  12. How about just being a peds RN, this will give you all the exposure to kids and will set you up to be a good peds NP.
  13. thinbluelineRN

    NP learning in a restrictive state

    This has always baffled me as well
  14. thinbluelineRN

    Can one work a Mon-Fri RN Job while in NP Grad School?

    I worked full time during the didactic portion and than worked Thursday - Sunday every week and did clinical hours M-W. So essentially I was working a 4 day week instead of 5 day week but I had no break ever for an entire year while I was in school. If I wasn't working I was completing clinical hours and vice versa- it was not easy but it is doable. Just have to get in that mindset and warn your family that they won't see you until you are done with school...
  15. thinbluelineRN

    RN(less than a year experience) trying to become NP

    Ok so let me see if I have this right, you are currently not a permanent resident or citizen of the US but want to practice in the States? I'm not a lawyer but first I would find out if you can even qualify to get a NP certification under whatever visa category you are going to come to the States. An F1 or J1 visa does not give you authority to apply for a RN license/NP Cert but again l'd check because laws keep changing everyday. As for finding a job, the market in several states is saturated and it just depends where you are looking for a job. You may find something in a rural/remote area in primary care where the patient demand is high and no one wants to practice.....it just depends on geography and sheer luck. Thirdly NP school is expensive and most places nearly don't pay enough , so please find out first if you will be able to practice in the US before you jump into it.
  16. thinbluelineRN

    Full Practice Authority

    Frankly speaking I would not want some NPs to have FPA. The California diploma mill is churning them out faster than we change clothes. Yes I am an NP and yes I went to school in California and let me tell you I'm still i'm still wondering how some people I graduated with have the license to practice. Just calling it how it is.