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thinbluelineRN is a MSN, NP and specializes in Corrections, Public Health, Occupational Medicine.

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    I work in Occupational medicine with in a restricted state and handle all the day to day patients myself. Treat, refer, diagnose, medications etc. My supervising physician comes in once a week and may see one or two patients but he does not look over...
  2. thinbluelineRN

    California transition-to-practice (TTP)

    So the way I understand it is we will need three years of supervision or 4600 hours and then to own something of our own, another 3 years in business. SO really we have 6 years of practice to own our own practice- how is that FPA? The nine member adv...
  3. thinbluelineRN

    Procedures as an FNP

    I work at an on site occ med clinic so billing is only on paper. My services are paid for in advance for the contractual period- hope that makes sense. There are billing levels built into our software that goes by the size of the laceration rep...
  4. thinbluelineRN

    Occupational Health Nurse practitioner

    Not at all. In fact I started off higher than most of my classmates who got jobs in primary care and work their buts off! I have also gotten a raise every year for the last two years. My situation is unique since I am based inside a large food manuf...
  5. thinbluelineRN

    I Am Absolutely Miserable Because I Hate Being A Nurse?

    I'm sorry that you feel this way. Please do get medically checked (rule our Thyroid) and great that you are taking a trip. This will clear your min. No job should drive you to anxiety and depression. There are many other nursing avenues which are not...
  6. thinbluelineRN

    Occupational Health Nurse practitioner

    My daily tasks these days in a lot of COVID tests and signing off on them. But generally we do a lot of pre employment physicals, Department of Transportation medical clearances, work injuries- which pretty much include any body part and mostly muscu...
  7. thinbluelineRN

    My Covid Story: From the Other Side of the Bed

    I'm so sorry for what you went through, I hope you continue to recover. And you are a great writer- you should seriously consider this path.
  8. thinbluelineRN

    Feel Awful after 1st COVID Vaccination

    Is it possible you were exposed to COVID and didn't know about it? Hence your "1st" vaccine is essentially giving you an immune response like a 2nd vaccine? Just something to think about. I has 103 fever with my first vaccine, bodyaches, fatigue...
  9. thinbluelineRN

    Are you ACTUALLY supervised???

    This. Mine brings Dr. Seuss books on the days he's physically here with me and reads it our loud!! But honestly he is awesome- he does not look over my shoulder, has taught me a lot and has never once been unprofessional. He treats me like an equal ...
  10. thinbluelineRN

    How to educate spouse about what I do as an NP?

    May I suggest counseling?
  11. thinbluelineRN

    Procedures as an FNP

    I suture, do all joint injections and I & Ds. I was taught joint injections by my supervising physician. I work in occupational medicine and we do joint injections quite frequently. I was also taught how to graft and tie over bolsters.
  12. thinbluelineRN

    Trouble Getting a New NP Job in Boston

    Could you perhaps do telemedicine in psych?
  13. thinbluelineRN

    Occupational Health Nurse practitioner

    Not at all- I started off as a new grad and am almost finishing up my 18 months! We have plenty of clinics in New Jersey!!
  14. thinbluelineRN

    Occupational Health Nurse practitioner

    If you work at one of our centers it is 8-5pm Monday through Friday with no weekends, and no calls. If you work at an onsite clinic (meaning you are based at a company as a contractor but work for Concentra) your hours are basically defined inth...
  15. thinbluelineRN

    Telemedicine NP work?

    Now this is what I'd like to know as well:)