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  1. Hi there! I am currently in my Master's program to become a Nurse Practitioner and am looking for preceptors. If anyone has any ideas or knows anyone that is willing to take nurse practitioner students I would love to hear from you. I live in St. Louis so anyone that is in St. Louis or within 50-60 miles would be great. Thanks for your help!! :)
  2. hlrudolph

    Hating weekends and holidays!

    Hi! I was just wanting some advice on different jobs I could look into that don't require weekends or holidays? (or at least minimal weekends). Currently I am working at a hospital on a cardiac surgery unit and love my job and the people I work with. We are required to work every other weekend and 2 holidays a year. I just feel like I miss so much stuff on the weekends with family and friends which really gets me down. Like right now my boyfriend is out of town with his family to go to his family reunion which I can't attend because I work all weekend. I am also going to school to get my masters degree and do have class 2 nights a week, so I am very busy. Any advice or suggestions would be very appreciated! Thanks :)
  3. Hey everyone, So my dad was diagnosed with a fib 5 years ago and has been medically managed ever since and been doing very well. He currently takes Coreg BID, Warfain daily, Digoxin daily, and a baby aspirin daily. Just last week he was playing softball and when running the bases he fainted. He quickly came back and said that he felt himself get real weak and light headed. It was super scary so we did call an ambulance and have him brought to the hospital where they did admit him. They ran several tests which all came back negative. (CXR, Head CT, Stress test, Echo, dopplers, EKG, and many blood tests) They decided they thought he was dehydrated since it was a very hot day and his blood pressure had dropped causing him to faint. His blood pressure does normally run on the low end of the normal anyways. My dad is extremely active and works out at the gym, hunts, golfs, works in the yard, etc. But he told me that every time he tries to run at all he gets short of breath and dizzy. So tonight we had another softball game and again when running he became light headed. He didn't faint because we kept putting a runner in for him once he got on 1st base. He did say that if he would have continued to run he would probably have fainted again. I was wondering what could be causing this because it is very scary and don't know what is going on since he feels fine until he starts to run?? Thanks for any suggestions or ideas! Heather