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  1. acsrn

    Want to be L&D rn but hate the OR?

    I initially hated the OR. But I love it now. Practice, and lots of unscheduled sections helped me become proficient. But i was terrified at first and felt very inept. Don't worry. Its like everything, you will get it down and then you you probably wont feel the same way.
  2. acsrn

    I have an interview!

    Congratulations! I hope you get it :)
  3. acsrn

    l&d market in Oregon.

    I am planning on moving to Oregon next May and I've been keeping an eye on how often and where positions open up. I really have seen more travel than permanent which makes me wonder what the job market is like for labor and delivery... is it maybe very seasonal? I'm specifically looking to settle along the coast somewhere, possibly Portland area at first.
  4. I didn't get it either I am going to reapply next time and I have faith that the right thing will happen at the right time.
  5. Congrats you guys! I waited as long as I could stand and finally gave in and called today. Concerning L&D, she said they should have decisions by the end of this week, in case anybody else is waiting for it.
  6. That's awesome! Congratulations on getting in :)
  7. HopingICU: you said exactly what I was thinking afterward, I should have asked more questions. Though for me at least, any information short of "You're in!" isn't enough and just fans the anxiousness lol!
  8. Did your friend get a job offer for the critical care residency or a different one?
  9. Wow, 15 minutes? That's not long! The L&D interview slots were 30 minutes... but they did say there would be two at a time, though I didn't see the other person. I've been really nervous! Every time my phone rings I've been running over to it. I'm even starting to play the waiting game in my dreams haha. Well, hopefully we will start hearing something (good news) soon :)
  10. I applied to Parklands Labor and Delivery Residency for September. I had an interview on Monday, I think it went well, but I guess whether I get a call or not will really tell how it went! They did not email about the interview, they called. They said I may hear something in approximately a week and if not it's acceptable to give them a call. So, I'm with you guys in the waiting game. I didn't ask how many L&D positions were available, but I'm hoping there are more than a few. Until then I'm trying not to compulsively check my email and run to the phone.