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  1. What was the cost of your LPN school

    Hi. I'm starting in Sept. I'm 39 yrs old and I applied for a loan at the school... and got it !! Basically, my school costs $4500 first semester and $5500 the second. All I'm paying for the 1st is $600 and I'll need to reapply for a loan before I beg...
  2. accepted into LPN program

    thanx for your reply!!! it was the best one i rcvd, yet !!! i can tell you have a great sense of humor. ciao, ciao... lorenna
  3. accepted into LPN program

    HI everyone! Rcvd my Letter of acceptance into LPN program. I start Sept. 19. Woohoo!!! Just wanted to thank everyone who's been there for me from Pre-Net Course, back in January til now. Let me tell you... it was a stressful few months, but, I'm su...
  4. How heavily are NET results counted in admission?

    It odd how each school have different requirements. Just have to go w/ the flow, I guess ! Whomever celebrates it..... HAPPY EASTER ! LORENNA
  5. NET math question????

    Yeah.. It's basic subtr, addit, mult, division. Fractions, decimals, percentages. Converting, etc. Last few were algebraic questions. If you get those incorrect, but, do well on all others, you'll pass. I was worried abt Math, also. Never liked it i...
  6. How heavily are NET results counted in admission?

    Congratulations ! Lorenna
  7. How heavily are NET results counted in admission?

    Don't worry. My Composite Perc. was a 75 and my Pre-Net Course instructor said that's an excellent score for the Net exam. It'd be considered almost like a 90 on any other test. Don't drive yourself nuts. That's a really good score. Net exam is hea...
  8. How heavily are NET results counted in admission?

    The school I'll be going to requires you to have a total Composite score of 60%. They stress Reading Comp more than Math because they want to make sure that you can understand what you're reading , at a fairly quick rate. My instructor (Pre-Net Cour...
  9. Yes ! These will defintiely be on there. Lorenna
  10. LPN pre-entrance exams

    Hi everyone. Don't know if you all remember me, but, rcvd my results yesterday and I passed !!! Have my interview April 5th. Starting nursing school in sept. I'm also taking a Medical Terminolgy course once a week from April to June. I really would...
  11. LPN pre-entrance exams

    Hi Courtney! The entrance exam was 2 wks ago this past Tuesday. Rcvd my results yesterday w/ my interview date of April 5th. I PASSED w/ a composite score of 75 (which my pre-net course instructor said it's be like getting a 90 on a regular test. ) W...
  12. LPN pre-entrance exams

    I'll definitely keep u informed. I'll let u know what the instructor(s) tell us abt the test, etc. I found that the more u do, the more u absorb, and the better you'll do. Repetition is key. There are times that I even re-read the parts of study gui...
  13. LPN pre-entrance exams

    Hi there. Thanx for replying ! I'm beginning my prep-course on Jan 4. Lasts til March 8. This course provides review on all matters concerning NLN ( pre-entrance exam.) I feel like I need to do this because it's been a long time since I had schoolin...
  14. Have Anyone Read This Book

    Yeah. I loved it. Gave alot of insight abt different aspects of nursing. It's written in a matter-of -fact way. Vewry down-to-earth, which made it easier to read and enjoy. Lorenna
  15. LPN pre-entrance exams

    I just looked in one of the nursing study guide and test is called the NLN pre-admissions examination. If u have any idea... pls adv. Thanx !! Lorenna :)