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heirn13 has 5 years experience and specializes in NICU.

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  1. heirn13

    August 2012 COT

    Atlrn0828, Congrats on getting all of that done. I bet that feels good! Have you received orders yet? Everything is going well, not doing much other than PT stuff right now. Still awaiting orders. I won't give my notice until then. I joined the Facebook group. Where is everyone else I wonder.
  2. heirn13

    August 2012 COT

    Congratulations bryango!! Join us on the Facebook page too.
  3. heirn13

    August 2012 COT

    Thank you for the info midinphx, I can use all the advice you are willing to give! I will take a look at the site you mentioned.
  4. heirn13

    August 2012 COT

    ATLRN0828, You have no idea how excited I was to see that email too!! How is everything going with your medical clearance and such? Did you already quit your job in preparation for all of your summer travels?
  5. heirn13

    August 2012 COT

    samm0705, I have a 5 yr old daughter that will start kindergarten in Texas also. I have been researching and putting out feelers for ideas of where to live. I was thinking that living closer to BAMC would make more sense, but have not decided yet. I plan to live off base as of right now, but we shall see if that changes once I am able to speak with a sponsor and get some questions answered. We should definitely compare notes. How long have you worked NICU? Congratulations on everything!
  6. I agree that this is totally inappropriate for so many reasons. I work in a NICU unit that encourages primary nurses, but our management team discourages this type of behavior. I know of a few nurses that over-step this boundary at times, but not to this extent. Is your managment team aware of this practice? If not, I would make sure that they are made aware. This type of practice could cause problems for other people and ruin the career of these nurses.
  7. heirn13

    Is 47 y/o too old to start being a nicu nurse?

    Absolutely not!! No age is too old to try something new. I love being in the NICU, best choice that I have made so far:)
  8. heirn13

    Is it possible to do this with a child?

    I think you need to decide if this is something that you really want to do. It will be difficult, as everyone has stated, with some obstacles that you wouldn't find in the civilian world. This was the one thing that really held me back for a while, but I decided that if others could do it than so could I. And now I am an AF nurse!! You just need to think about what you want and then go for that. Good luck in everything. I know this is a tough decision but you will make the right one!
  9. heirn13

    Air Force Nursing Corps

    Are there any AF NICU nurses out there that can give me some insight into career opportunities? I am interested in advancing but it seems as though that might be difficult with my speciality. Any words of advice?
  10. heirn13

    Lackland AFB

    I am interested in any info I can get regarding Lackland AFB and the surrounding area. I will be stationed there (actually BAMC) for my first assignment in October. I am curious about where to live and neigborhoods with good schools for my kindergartener. Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. heirn13

    Should I go back to the military?

    I agree that you should inquire about commissioning.
  12. heirn13

    AF April/May 2012 FQ Board

    Congratulations ERMags and rndiver82! Jenks7- congratulations to you too and I hope you get your COT date soon. Destiny2k5- I think you should try again. Don't let this get you too down, just think of it as a small obstacle and get everything ready for the next boards. I wish you the best in all your endeavors. See some of you in august:)
  13. heirn13

    August 2012 COT

    Hello all! Congrats to all the newcomers!! I continue to wait for orders so I can continue on this process. Otherwise just working on physical training. I just received an email from the flight commander for my unit in San Antonio. It made everything seem so real:) I can't even begin to explain how excited I am about this new adventure. And I can't wait to meet everyone. samm0705, I am also a NICU nurse and will be stationed at Lackland after COT in august. It's nice to see someone else out there with NICU. We'll have to compare notes:) Where are you moving from? I'm currently in Spokane, Washington so this is going to be quite a change for me! Congratulations to all of us!!!!!
  14. heirn13

    August 2012 COT

    Hi atlrn0828,I understand what you mean. I feel like there are a lot of people that I will not have a chance to see before I leave. Silly work keeps getting in the way of my social life! Of course I would not have much of a social life without work. I haven't heard anything about orders, but I haven't asked lately either. Originally my recruiter told me a few weeks after all the commissioning paperwork was completed. I will have to ask her. I would really like to get moving with some of this stuff. Like uniforms, ID cards, and scheduling movers. Oh, and give my notice at work. I am too chicken to give it before final orders arrive. I am afraid they may postpone my COT date and I would be out of a job. No good! How is the physical fitness coming along? I am working at it, but I am still afraid that I will be the slowest person!! Just have to keep working I guess and make sure that doesn't happen.
  15. heirn13

    August 2012 COT

    Hi all, How did everyone's commissioning ceremony go? I had mine on May 20th and it was perfect. My dad was able to swear me in with my two best friends and daughter in attendance. I could not have asked for anything better. Does anyone else plan on getting uniforms prior to COT? Also, has anyone else tried to get their ID card? I saw what KUHNB1788 posted and was curious if anyone else was successful. My recruiter also told me it would have to wait until COT but I would rather do it sooner if able. Things are really starting to get close! Just waiting on official orders so I can turn in my notice at work:)
  16. heirn13

    August 2012 COT

    Hi ATLRN0828, Heard anything?? I spoke to my recruiter today, but it is still a waiting game! The reason that I will reschedule my trip is so my dad can do the commissioning. If I am not approved to be commissioned then I will just try to schedule it for the end of next month. I'm just a planner and I had my mind set on how this was all going to happen....I guess this is a lesson best learned early on:) I know that the military works on its own timeline, not mine! I hope that we stay in touch through all of this, to include after COT. I can't wait to hear about all of your travels. And we may end up stationed at the same base at some point:))