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    Nursing Job Cover Letter

    Nurses' job is to take care of the patient, help the doctors keep a track of the history of the patient, administer medicines time to time, etc.The duties and responsibilities of a nurse depends from clinic to clinic. In hospitals the job description differs and they might have to perform emergency first aid, do some cleaning, keep a note of which medicine has been bought from the hospital stores, check the insurance policies and make the entries in their records, etc. What to Write in Nursing Resume Cover Letter? The content of the letter has a typical format and things to include. The first is the introduction. Introduction to your self and reference to the job opportunity, i.e. how you found it, etc. If you have any recommendation or reference to give, please do so in the letter. The body of the letter can be personal in nature written in formal language. The length of the letter can be around 450 words. You may tell the employer your strengths and special skills relevant to the job. Something that convinces the employer or recruiter that you are the right candidate for the job, is welcome. If you have some personal reasons for choosing that particular place of work, be it the location or the job profile, or if you like the perks they give their employees, you may mention these factors as well. It gives a good impression and most importantly, a sincere one. It shows that you have invested time in finding out about the employer. Cover Letter Example for Nurses Nathan Streeter 712 Atha Drive Bakersfield, CA 93301 E-Mail Address - nathanstreeter@ mail.com Contact Number - 661759 5839 04/30/2012 Jerome Riley Hiring Manager Super Nursing Agency Bakersfield,CA 93301 Dear Mr. Riley, This is with respect to the employment opportunity you have posted on your web site. I am interested in taking up the position of a Nurse and I fit into your requirement criteria too. The reason why I am so keen in being a part of your organization is that your agency has the reputation of having good loyalty program for the employees who stay for a considerable period of time. Given my experience in this job profile I do not think you will have an issue with hiring me. You can expect prompt and efficient service from me. The recommendation letter attached herewith will state the same. Thank you for your time Sir. Sincere regards, (signature) Nathan Streeter Hope these tips and information given in this article help you draft your personal letter to different employees. Remember that customization is the key to make your cover letter work.