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  1. allyl

    Entertaining pt

    Already talk, read, and sing to him. We've been trying to get the parents to buy some crayons but they haven't yet. I'm not about to buy anything as several nurses have already gotten into trouble for buying things. That's a whole different topic though. I like the rice idea though. It's not like I'm ignoring him but am lacking the supplies to keep him entertained.
  2. allyl

    Entertaining pt

    First the case, a pedi vent pt between 2-3yo who is cognitively all there but has severe muscle weakness. He is able to grasp and move his arms but has very little fine motor control. I've been with this client for over a year and really haven't seen any improvement in muscle tone. Speech has obviously gotten a bit better but can only really say 10 words. Also has PT and ST twice a week. Recently the mother has been making noise about how it makes her SO SAD to come into the room and he isn't being played with. Now this is a family who comes in 1, maybe 2 times a day yet both parents are unemployed and living with relatives while having 24/7 care. When this happens I'm usually documenting. I work nights so I really don't have to entertain him much. However, I do want to try and be helpful and would love to suggest activities that are age appropriate yet he could do. Currently he is addicted to TV and to be frank so are the parents. How much should a nurse be required to entertain clients? After all we do have treatments/ notes to do as well. I know we are to provide 'appropriate play therapy and developmental stimulation' but it's a bit hard when all there is are teething toys and stuffed animals, how is the day shift suppose to entertain him for 12 hours!?
  3. My infant vent Pt is already on Medicaid and is eligible for the Medically Dependent Children Program*here in Texas. I fully believe he qualifies for it and the need is there. It will provide great resources and Respite care. Now normally it has a wait list that is over 5 years long. To circumvent this wait, there is a Rider 28 where if the child is in a nursing home and is then moved home they can go straight into the program. The SNF stay can be as short as overnight with a MD waiver. This is all fine by me. The fishy part is when overnight is from 2230-0030. The SNF is paid for the use of the room in cash and then a single assessment is done by the facility's nurse. While remaining true to the letter of the law it just made me very uncomfortable. While probably not true fraud I feel this negates the purpose of the Rider 28 which is to bring institutionalized kids home. Does anyone have experience with this programs like this?
  4. allyl

    Galen - San Antonio July 2012 LVN

    Hi! Just wanted to start a new thread for any Galen applicants for the July 2012 class though I know the student body is relatively small. Personally, I have applied as of this morning as well as requested both High School and College transcripts along with SAT scores to be sent out. My last SAT test was June 2007 so I am anxious for College Board to send them as they expire soon and I do NOT want to take the PAX. Good Luck!