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  1. kristinemagtoles

    BID strictly every 12h or just twice a day?

    In addition to the PRN, when the doctor's order is BID PRN ... same rule can be applied... that the medication should be given 2x a day as needed.. when the patient complaint of ex.pain, u should check the previous time the PRN was given, if it is not relieved, then its time to refer it because the patient may be suffering too much that the dose of BID PRN cannot give any relief. ALWAYS, ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND THAT "ASK" YOUR SUPERIOR WHEN IN DOUBT.
  2. kristinemagtoles

    BID strictly every 12h or just twice a day?

    Hi, BID means two-times-a-day. :) the timing depends on the hospital guidelines in giving medication.. some hospital timed BID as every 6am-6pm, or 8am-6pm, or 8am-8pm...IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE HOSPITAL'S GUIDELINES.. To play safe, ask your senior or supervising nurse.. :) It is very important to memorize the 12 Rights in giving medication, such as the timing and color coding the medications since nurses are prone to medication errors. :) Hope this helps.
  3. Hi, I had my application last feb 2011 at the chief nurse's office in camp aguinaldo and i already took and passed their initial exam, but until now, I have not received any call or txt from them. however, the informant told me that they still have pending apps since 2009 batch of applicants..last time i heard from someone i know they already reached their quota for 2011 training. i'm no longer waiting for them to contact me though hoping quite a bit, just imagine how many applicants have tried from 2009 to the time i applied at 2011...
  4. kristinemagtoles


    I am so confused, what will i do? i have applied last march 2012 for the pre-employment training of SLMC but i was not contacted thereafter, i assumed that i failed the exam and did not bother about my application. last April 24 i received a SMS inviting me for their PGNT that will be starting on May7. I failed to come for the orientation because of some personal reason, but i visited the HR to know if there's still a slot because i was eager to join.. the HR answered me that they no longer have any orientation of the MAy7 batch, next batch will be on june but no guarantee if i will be included... so i went home thinking no chance at all. btw, i am from iloilo and i already have my applications there and will be starting my volunteer service on that same date MAy7. Just this AM i received a SMS from their HR, telling me there is still a slot for the PGNT training (maybe some of those who attended their orientation did not pursue it bcoz of the training fee so there were slots available). I AM SO CONFUSED... will i go there and pursue the training although i only have less than a week preparation or just go home to iloilo and attend my orientation for volunteer service on MAy7?? pls help. :uhoh21:

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