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    Georgetown Accelerated BSN hopefuls -- fall 2013

    Hello everyone, I am planning on applying to gtown for the fall 2014 semester and was wondering what everyones GPA and experience was who got in and didn't get in? Please let me know! it would help me so incredibly much Thanks!!
  2. Hello, I am currently a junior majoring in biology at VCU with a pre-medicine track. I originally planned attempting to go into medical school but have no confidence to go through all the admission processes, MCATS, and the headache. and plus, I want to interact closer to patients instead of the disease itself. I am interested in the accelerated bsn/msn programs (for non nursing majors) and have looked into johns hopkins, columbia, georgetown, and upenn. I was wondering if you all know what the general acceptance rates, average gpas, and how easy or hard it is to get into the programs. my gpa currently is 3.1 have finished many difficult science courses (for pre-med track) am an Emergency medical technician with experience at local rescue squads for 2+ years. I am 21 but I know nursing is what i want to do for sure. I want to know what my chances are and want to apply to schools that would better fit my stats and apply to places that would accept me. Please let me know of all your honest opinions. Thank you so much.