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    Bioethics course

    I live in southern California and need to take a class in bioethics to fulfill a prerequisite for graduate nursing school. Has anyone taken any Introduction to Bioethics class? I am having a lot of trouble finding a school that even offers it. I prefer a community college or online classes. Let me know if you took the class and where in southern california. Thank you :)
  2. Hello everyone, I was arrested on 12/23/2012 for driving under the influence of alcohol. I hired a lawyer for $1500 but now she wants $5000 more to defend my case. I dont have nay money to pay for any of it. My alcohol level was .18 and the lawyer advised me that we have a very low chance of winning the case. This is my first dui and i do not have any prior criminal history. I will be attending court on 5/2012 and plead guilty. I plan on paying the fines and doing an alcohol education program and whatever i need to do. I had been planning to apply to the Entry Level Masters in Nursing at various schools in southern california in the fall 2012. I am TERRIFIED that im not going to ever be able become a nurse practitioner. I emailed my schools and they said they cant deny me admission based on criminal charges but down the road i may have trouble doing clinicals at hospitals. another thing would be getting a licence from the brn in ca...i hope that by the time i apply for my license i can get it expunged, if it helps. has anyone else thats already a nurse or in nursing school n california had the same experience? i need advice...since my dui i been so depressed and trouble sleeping. ive had multiple nightmares about this and its all i think about everyday...iam very scared that ill never be able to do what i have been working for my entire life. I made a stupid misstake by driving drunk, but ive learned my lesson....please someone give me some hope