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  1. nkkshvnne

    Wake Tech Spring 2019

    If you do find out what happened, please share, to help people applying in the future.
  2. nkkshvnne

    Wake Tech Spring 2019

    Sorry that you didn't get in. Did they tell you the reason that you weren't accepted? With 154 points, you should definitely have gotten in. Is your NA current? I posted earlier in the thread, I had 144 points. I got my acceptance letter yesterday.
  3. I am feeling the same way. I'm checking my mailbox everyday, even though I know it's not there. But, they've got to send it eventually.....
  4. Based on the thread from last year, we should be looking for letters at the end of September.
  5. nkkshvnne

    Wake Tech Spring 2019

    Hi Eram. Congrats on finishing out the semester. So happy that summer semester stress is over. Have you finished all of the pre-reqs? What was your point total? I've been taking classes at Johnston Community College and transferred them. I was so stressed because the grades there didn't post until July 26th. I though that they wouldn't get my transcript in time. But, I went up there and turned in my application yesterday. Turns out they got my transcript the day after my semester ended. But didn't actually transfer the classes, so they weren't in the computer yet. I am so happy that I went up there to confirm it, instead of mailing the application. My point total ended up being 144. I'm hoping that other people post their totals so that we can get an idea of the point spread.
  6. nkkshvnne

    We are not saints! (just because we work hard)

    Just hit the "what's new" button. The saints come around seven days a week.
  7. nkkshvnne

    Should I run from this job??

    The one thing that I hate about forums is that you can't see a person's face to determine exactly how a comment is meant to be taken. I didn't read that comment as snarky, though that may have been the intent. I think that it actually does take a special person to not just up and leave a bad situation such as this after it has been pointed out multiple times. Many people would leave as soon as possible and have the "not my circus, not my monkeys" mentality.
  8. nkkshvnne

    Wake Tech Spring 2019

    This is my first post. I noticed that there hasn't been a thread started for this application cycle. So, I wanted to start one for anyone else applying for next spring. I am am taking my last three pre-reqs (microbiology, dev. psychology and english 112) this summer semester and am regretting the amount of work that so many classes during summer means. But, at least it is already halfway over. I just took my teas and spoke to an advisor. As of right now I am at 108 points. The advisor said that the amount of points of people accepted for the upcoming fall semester was between 124 and 166. So, if all goes the same and I pass all classes hopefully that means I'm in. 🤞 Where does everyone else stand?
  9. nkkshvnne

    Thank you gift for unit that hosted my student clinicals

    Risk management has banned microwave popcorn from all of our facilities, due to risk of fires. Apparently people were not using the popcorn button and leaving the break rooms with enormous amounts of time on the microwave. However if it is allowed, I think that it's a great gift idea.
  10. nkkshvnne

    C MA to RN but ..

    Are they requiring you to work as a CNA or just take the class and test? In my area most nursing schools require you to be on the CNA registry before applying. They do not require that you work as a CNA. Also, you taking the class would probably be a good thing. CNA work is totally different than CMA work. Not sure what state you're in. But many states allow you to challenge the exam. So you wouldn't need to take the class. Of course you'd have to research for your area.
  11. nkkshvnne

    Appeal Letter For Nursing School Rejection

    I think that your letter was great. It is unfortunate that you later decided that they weren't the school for you. I think that them telling you that you may not be able to complete clinical is the school covering themselves. Any place that the school is allowed to do clinicals will also want to see the background checks of the students. That was their way of saying that you will not get your money back if you are unable to complete clinicals because the facility does not allow you to work there based on the information provided.
  12. I am not able to vote in the poll. But I turn my captions on almost 100% of the time. I do not have a hearing disability, but have a delay between hearing words and understanding exactly what I am hearing (I am the person that laughs at a joke 5 minutes late). Being able to read on screen what is being said helps to bridge that gap and my understanding. Thanks for being proactive about getting this fixed and helping the people watching your videos.