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  1. beesnest

    Gloves to draw up medicine

    No one I know uses gloves unless they are working with chemo.
  2. beesnest

    Judgement call?

    I would have done the same, You did an amazing job.
  3. beesnest

    Facial coverings effective?

  4. beesnest

    NOT an ICU nurse but assigned by SUP

    Probably. I was thinking more if the paperwork wasn’t filled out right.
  5. beesnest

    NOT an ICU nurse but assigned by SUP

    With your PICU experience, I think you’d take great care of that patient, because you had the ICU RN to call about questions. The lack of orientation to the floor is concerning, but they ought to forgive you any errors, so long as the patient is well...
  6. beesnest

    Notes in 3rd person style

    Most RNs have graduated from university these days, so not comprehending English is an argument easily rebutted. You might get a faster answer by reaching out to local nursing schools. A lot of us have been told to chart that way, but darned if I rem...
  7. beesnest

    Mental health peers

    There’s only one actual program I’ve found, but I expected there were a lot more, and I was hoping to make contact with more than one. From my research, peer support is more used in substance abuse, rather than mental health. Feedback from ER nurses ...
  8. beesnest

    Mental health peers Like this.
  9. beesnest

    Mental health peers

    We were thinking a volunteer contacted through the local homeless shelter to sit with a patient while they are waiting in the ER. It can take hours, and someone acting as a buffer could help everyone. I could have sworn I’d seen a program like this i...
  10. beesnest

    Mental health peers

    I’m volunteering with a shelter/resource centre for the homeless, and they want to hook up with the ER by providing companions for mental health patients in the ER while they wait. Does anyone have a program like that in their hospital? I imagine pee...
  11. beesnest

    ER vs. doctor's office

    If "severe" or "sudden" describes any of your symptoms, if you are having trouble breathing, or with your heart (including chest pain). If more blood than can be soaked up by a maxipad appears in less than half an hour from any part of your body, or ...
  12. beesnest

    What is most important to you as a nurse?

    My conditions for taking a job, which are constantly evolving; I want it to be physically possible (equipment and time wise) for me to do the work assigned to me during the course of my shift. I want supportive coworkers. I don't do mandatory overtim...
  13. beesnest

    air bubble in syringe

    The measurement of the med is what is in the syringe- not what is in the needle too. Otherwise you would have differing doses based on what needle was used to draw up the med, and whether you changed the needle or not. Imagine drawing up something th...
  14. beesnest

    doctoral student in healthcare administration needs help

    llg made some very intelligent observations, and told you why we might not run to your aid. Yet you respond with this? THIS is what is most frustrating to me about nursing. A nurse makes some excellent observations, suggests changes that are valid fr...
  15. If they gave incorrect information during the interview about what her options are, and she has found a spot she likes better, I say move on.