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  1. thank you very much!!! let's all help each other besides if god permits we might all be seeing each other in the near future...stay positive. subscribing!
  2. thank you glitzdelight! perhaps 3-6 months then. what are the vaccines required? would it be better to go to tertiary hospitals or would you recommend private medical clinics? i believe i have to request a written proof of vaccination? i have researched from international nurses working in melbourne that these are the vaccinations required ([color=#333333]hepatitis b, varicella (chicken pox), tetanus, measles/ mumps/rubella, tuberculosis and annual flu vaccine. ) should i accomplish all of these ? i am on a very tight budget. oh and will ahpra recommend a school for the bp or am i given the choice in choosing/enrolling in a school? i'm sorry i am not familiar with how it works...
  3. hello guys! i just received my receipt of application for registration from melbourne vic where i lodged my application. dear mr po0gi (hehe), thank you for your recent application for registration to the australian health practitioner regulation agency (ahpra). this email communication acknowledges receipt of this application. your application will be reviewed and if it is not considered to be complete under the relevant section of the health practitioner regulation national law act (the national law) you will be advised in writing (email or post) of what needs to be provided before the assessment can commence. if your application relates to one of the 4 new professions joining the scheme on 1 july 2012, you will be contacted by ahpra once your application is processed or to advise you of any further information that is required. for those 4 professions, registration is not required until 1 july 2012 therefore all applicants are requested to wait for this communication before contacting ahpra. please do not respond to this auto-generated email. how many days/weeks would it take before i would receive my loe? (feeling!) would it be better if i start applying for my visa? or should i wait for my loe? while waiting i thought of applying for a call center job and i am for final interview yet. (i want to improve my speaking skills while waiting since i have been reading from this thread that enrolling in a bp takes time, and most probably some self esteem since i have spent most of my time volunteering in a hospital(without pay) am i making a mess? lol anyone from philman? we are in the same boat please do drop a message po0gi24@yahoo.com i would really appreciate your advice guys. please pray for me.. =)
  4. Hi tokiya! what's the present status of your docs? I'd like to ask if how long have you waited for philmans' final assessment of your docs until it was sent to AHPRA. I have'nt heard from them since 2nd week this april when I was told my docs are for final assessment already. thanks!