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  1. Scope of Practice - Medication Admin

    Can LPNs give narcotics in the state of Florida? If so are there restrictions in terms of the route? I'm currently in an RN program and the issue came up when we were discussing delegation. I read through the nursing practice act and found the follo...
  2. Valencia Spring 2013 Nursing Class

    I think the workbook will be in blackboard also. I just found the Pharm book on Amazon for $108 so I have officially purchased all of my books! Yay. Did anyone get any of the recommended books, if so, which ones? Also, as for the white shoes that are...
  3. Valencia Spring 2013 Nursing Class

    I haven't found the syllabus yet either. I'm guessing they'll either email it, or when blackboard opens on the firat day of class we'll be able to print it, but that's just a guess so who knows! :)
  4. Valencia Spring 2013 Nursing Class

    At orientation they told us to being our potter & perry textbook and the syllabus to the first day of class. I joined the VNSA, does anyone know if & when meetings will be?Paulaj: Yes wear professional attire. We're supposed to wear professio...
  5. Valencia Spring 2013 Nursing Class

    The pharmacology book is the only one I haven't purchased yet actually. It seems to be expensive everywhere! I know I'm so excited that we'll be starting soon! :)
  6. Valencia Spring 2013 Nursing Class

    Hello everyone. I found an incredibly Cheap Textbook if anyone is interested... Our Virtual Clinical Excursions 3.0 is selling for $65 at the bookstore (according to their website), but I found it on Amazon for only $22. Here's the link: ...
  7. Valencia Spring 2013 Nursing Class

    If anyone is interested Barnes and Noble is selling our Fundamentals of Nursing Textbook with the Study guide for only $115 and according to the bookstore website, purchasing both of these new from Valencia would be $119 for the book and $30 for the ...
  8. Valencia Spring 2013 Nursing Class

    The bookstore told me that as soon as the nursing program gives them the book list it will be available on their website. Also, I'm the one who asked about the lab kits. The person who responded to me said they would be available to purchase during ...
  9. Valencia Spring 2013 Nursing Class

    I'm having the same problem and I emailed customer service about the issue. I'll let you know what they say when they respond.
  10. Valencia Spring 2013 Nursing Class

    About the study buddies: I'm aware, I was being sarcastic/joking. It's hard to read that on a screen! :)
  11. Valencia Spring 2013 Nursing Class

    I guess no one's interested in being study buddies, Oh Well! On a side note: I'm registered for Silver section. I really wanted red, but my internet was out when I was trying to register.... Greengal, Did they have all of the white scrub uniform in ...
  12. Valencia Spring 2013 Nursing Class

    Okay everyone, I've been told one of the keys to success in nursing school is getting to know your classmates & building a support system. So let's get to know each other! I'm Briana. I live in Winter Springs, so I'll be attending West campus. ...
  13. Valencia College Summer 2013 Students

    Come over to the Spring thread
  14. Valencia College Summer 2013 Students

    Really! Wow that's awesome. I wonder where we were on the list!! Either way yay!! I know how you feel, I've been scrambling to get everything done. So far I've finished the background check, fingerprinting & drug testing... I'm hoping Monday when...
  15. Valencia Spring 2013 Nursing Class

    Has anyone's Academic profile been updated from "pending admission"? If so, when did it get updated for you? Mine still looks like this: [TABLE=class: uportal-channel-class, width: 100%] [TR] [TD=class: uportal-text12-bold, colspan: 2]Class Standing:...