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  1. ClashyRN

    Student Helpers

    Hi there! This is going to be my second full year in my school and we start up in a couple of weeks. In my school, the 4th graders have special jobs throughout the school, which they go to for the last 10 minutes of the day. I am assigned at least one helper each school year and I give them things to do to help me out. Last year I only had one helper, so I was able to manage to find enough work that was appropriate for the child. This year, however, I will have 3, and I just can't think of enough work the children can help me with, given the sensitive nature of my paperwork. Any ideas? I already have them swap out my ice packs. I use wet sponges in ziploc bags, so they swap them out into new bags and put them in the freezer for me. They wipe down door handles and cabinet pulls. They wipe down counter surfaces. As I'm writing this, I thought of the fact that they could refill bandaids and certain other basic supplies. Any other ideas? TIA!
  2. ClashyRN

    BBP Poem?

    Cute, thank you!
  3. ClashyRN

    BBP Poem?

    Hey School Nurses! This is my first full school year out on my own, so I have never done the bloodborne pathogens stuff myself. I don't have to actually provide the training, as it's all online for the staff members with all their other trainings. However, I have made the BBP baggies with gloves, bandaids, gauze, and antiseptic wipes. I remember coming across a cute BBP poem that was attached to all the baggies in a previous district. I'm going to reach out to a nurse there to see how it went, but though I'd ask here in case anyone else has something fun that they put on their bags. Thanks!
  4. ClashyRN

    Starting school nursing courses

    How did you end up liking it? I was also originally planning on going to Rutgers in the fall (2017, since I have one more class this Fall for my BSN at Villanova). However, things changed and I now work as a part time school nurse under the CSN, so my schedule allows for intense coursework over Summer 2017, and I want to go to Rowan so I can get a move on that! If I could start somewhere in the Spring, that would be great, but I'm not sure if that's going to work out.
  5. ClashyRN

    Just got hired!

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself. I just got hired as a part time school nurse in a large elementary district here in NJ. I'm going for my CSN starting in January (I have one course left for my BSN), but I'm excited to get into the field now as a part timer in the meantime! I'm coming from a hospital background - inpatient oncology, but school nursing is what I've wanted to do for a long time. I used these message boards to help study for my interview, so I thank you all for that help! I look forward to being a part of the community, and I understand it picks up more once the school year starts. -Kim
  6. ClashyRN

    relocating to Colorado Springs.

    I am graduating from an Associate's program in NJ in May, and hoping to move to Colorado Springs about a year later. I'm glad to see these posts about the hospital systems - very helpful! My hope is that I can immediately enroll in a BSN program upon graduating, so that hopefully someone here in NJ hires me. (the nursing job market is terrible here right now) Then after I get some experience under my belt, I'm hoping someone in CS will hire me when I move. Hopefully it all works out!