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  1. Don't be too nervous about "making it" once you're off orientation. I was scared to death when I was first on my own but if you have a good support system and peers that will help you when you need it, you'll be fine. You're going to make mistakes......
  2. Pros & Cons 3a-3p and 3p-3a shifts

    I worked 3p-3a for a while when I first started nursing and I loved it. It's the normal time I'm awake so so super early wake up and no sleeping way late into the day. I would go to bed by 4am and wake up a little after noon and be good to go.
  3. L&D vs Med Surg for a first job after graduating.

    I went into L&D straight from school and I don't regret it at all. My hospital had a 12week orientation program which was great and helped me learn how to be a nurse and how to be a good L&D nurse. Now that I've been doing L&D for a while...
  4. Graduating in May

    I think the hardest question I was asked during my interview for L&D right after graduation was why do I want to be an OB nurse. Sounds simple but have an answer ready in your head before you go for the interview. When you're on the spot, it can ...
  5. night shift help!

    Thanks for the tips. I figured I needed to just stay up late and sleep during the day the day before I work but I'll definitely try the yoga suggestion, it's been awhile since I've done it and I would love to get back into it.
  6. maternity- helpful hints/advice to students

    My OB rotation in nursing school is what made me want to be an L&D nurse and I absolutely love it! Two days is not at all long enough to get a full picture of OB nursing, especially if the unit is slow or doesn't do many deliveries. OB nursing is...
  7. night shift help!

    I have been an L&D nurse for a little over a year now and recently moved to a new job. I have been on days (12 hr shifts) for orientation since Feb. and am now switching to my permanent night shift this coming week. I've read all about how to sle...