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  1. U can call the customer service hotline of the embassy and inquire! Thats what i did while applying for my 456 visa. No need to fret, u will talk to filipinos on the line.
  2. hello! it's been a while since i last visited this site. this forum has helped me in so many ways, from preparing for skype interview to completing documents for visa application. i think i owe this site an update. January 2012 was when i was given an eligibility letter from AHPRA to undergo a bridging course. i searched for schools that offered the program within melbourne and then applied for 3. i ended up with IHNA. while waiting for my interview i was searching the net for possible questions and answers and stumbled upon this site. fast forward to present: i completed my clinical placement at a private hospital in Bundoora, last Aug 31. i just submitted my assessment files to IHNA yesterday, which will then be forwarded to AHPRA this week. hopefully i will get my registration by next week or the week after. during the last few days in clinicals, our educator kept reminding us that it's getting harder to get a job as a nurse in the acute setting. a lot overseas nurses start off in aged care which is not really my cuppa tea. but if it's the only option i have then what else can i do? also, some hospitals don't offer sponsorships to overseas nurses which is another problem. and overseas nurses are also competing against the local graduates. so good luck to everyone!
  3. Happened to me too. Submitted them an ielts result with 6.5 in writing. Ihna and the embassy wont mind. Im already doing the bridging course as we speak. :) But i think u will still need to re-sit the exam before u apply for the 457 visa.
  4. Yes im from philippines. How can i have my visa stamped on my passport? It just arrived yesterday and im scheduled to leave this weekend.
  5. i went to cebu for medicals on the 26th of may but the results were posted around the 31st. i waited for my case officer to contact me after that but i didnt get any updates until now which was the arrival of the visa itself. good luck!
  6. hello forumers. after a week of anxiety and frustration, my visa arrived through courier without a warning. i was expecting that my case officer will ask me to mail my passport which would take another week, but no! it is now in my possession, all four pages of it. upon lodging my application i was instructed to submit a photocopy of my passport, and over the weeks i was puzzled why they never asked for the original. so to all those who are still waiting, the embassy might issue a label-free visa. ("The Australian Government does not require you to have a visa label placed into your passport for travel to Australia.") God Bless to all of you. :w00t:RocknRoll!
  7. Hello Noelle18. Wen did u get ur visa? If u dont mind may i know your case officer's name? Thru PM please. Thanks!
  8. Has anyone ever failed the bridging program?
  9. thank you for your concern but that sort of issue is the last thing on my mind right now. as far as i'm concerned, im still worried about meeting the school deadline on my visa. moreover im overwhelmed with leaving my significant others behind, my daily activities in a foreign land amidst winter... just to name a few. im just taking one day at a time... i'll cross the bridge when i get there... i think that worrying about too many things will just slow me down. so again thanks for bringing this subject to my attention but i prefer you leave me out of it. i pray everything will work out for all of us.
  10. yes you can process your visa now with just your offer letter. but you cant do medicals yet because you have to wait until your case officer from the embassy tells you to do so.
  11. have u checked your spam folder?
  12. to all those applying for IHNA.... for the record, you dont need the "Confirmation of Admission" for you to start with your visa application. According to *****, an IHNA admission officer, the letter of offer will suffice. in fact, my embassy case officer never requested for the COA. dont make the same mistake as i did by waiting 2 weeks for the COA. if i had known about this, i would have had my visa by now instead of constantly requesting IHNA for extension of visa deadline.
  13. hi gras! how's the serology for dpt going?
  14. if you already have the letter of offer, proceed with your 456 visa application (that's the visa required by the school)! as in asap since they inquired about your application status. i havent received any letter with the heading "confirmation of admission" from IHNA. regarding the vaccine declaration, you have to present it on the first day of orientation.
  15. does anyone know the english language requirement for 456 visa? will a 6.5 in writing affect the outcome of the application i.e. visa not granted?