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  1. I agree dedicated2Help. I think that staffing is really variable from location to location. You may need to be looking in rural areas or areas that are not considered "desirable" at least to get your foot in the door. On the other hand I also know that many nurses feel they can't leave their area because of kids, spouses, house ownership or other obligations. Also because of these obligations, some people can only work certain shifts. So while being young and inexperienced may not be the greatest thing ever, the lack of obligations that younger professionals tend to have allows a degree of flexibility you can use to your advantage.
  2. zhazha1

    Some thoughts on DE program admissions

    Ditto hopefulnurse24. I am applying to lots of those universities too! I do think the best strategy is to cast a wide net. It's a huge time and money investment but I think it will pay off. I am applying to Yale, UPenn, and Columbia too along with like 6 or 7 others. I went and talked to my health professions advisor yesterday and he was like "I don't know much about nursing but if you were a pre-med I would tell you not to even bother applying to these 'brand name' schools" My school's health professions office doesnt have any nursing resources. I am the only person in my cohort going into nursing, med school is way more popular. I think I still have a chance. I haven't taken my GRE yet but I m graduating early from a top 10 undergrad university with a GPA of 3.3 (the average graduating GPA at my school. Nobody has graudated with a 4.0 from my undergrad in over 10 years). I have lots of clinical experience too. My health professions office is notorious for putting people down and squashing any ounce of confidence left in us. Basically every appointment I've ever been to with them they spend more than half the time attempting to talk us out of the medical profession. Sorry, this is totally off topic but it just happened yesterday so I had to share.
  3. zhazha1

    Need advice Nurse or Doctor

    you are still young so by all means go for it. However, I was a devoted pre-med for many years (which makes me an expert lol) so don't be fooled into thinking that you will be able to have a nursing job as a med school student, you simply won't have time. Check out SDN, (student doctor network) it is the MD allnurses.com equivalent. Put up your stats (GPA etc.) and people will comment and let you know what your chances look like. Also, medical school is INCREDIBLY difficult to get into. Many people spend years after their undergrad taking the MCAT, volunteering, obtaining LEADERSHIP positions, fixing their undergrad GPAs, and going through the time consuming and emotionally draining application process. Also remember that Med school may be four years but depending on your specialty, you will also have to go through internships (barely paid), fellowships/residencies (paid about the same as nurses in many cases). This means you will not start making above 100k for several years AFTER you graduate from med school. My point is... if you want to become a doctor make sure you are doing it because you want to be a doctor, not because you want $$$ or prestige; you will pay a very steep price. Hope this helps, and good luck
  4. zhazha1

    UH MEPN 2012

    39,000 in LOANS????? I know out of state is bad but COME ON!. At that price, even on an NP salary you will always have that cloud hanging over your head. Interest on the 39,000 in loans alone will be another huge hurdle. I can't even imagine if you had to take out the rest from private loans which are notorious for steep, highly variable interest rates and dubious collection practices. Will you get in state tuition after the first year? This is the only way this school sounds feasable for you unless you have more rich relatives. Do you have any other offers of admission/financial aid offers you can leverage to get the school to increase your fin. aid? I am applying for MEPN as well so I am curious to see how this works out for you. Let us know
  5. zhazha1

    Columbia University ETP Program 2013

    Haha noo. I am literally applying to 8 schools in 8 different states which means I have no idea where I'll end up. But hopefully this will increase my chances of getting in somewhere. And it will help me weigh financial aid packages if I get in multiple places, which I doubt will happen, but a girl can dream...
  6. zhazha1

    Columbia University ETP Program 2013

    Hey 2013 applicants! I am applying to Columbia 2013 too! I will finish up my BS in bio in December. So far I have a list of 8 schools I am applying to (ones with combined RN or BSN and MSN). I'm going the acute care NP route. Does anyone know how competitive that specialty is at Columbia?
  7. zhazha1

    Columbia ETP Program 2012 entry

    I am applying for 2013 too. I wonder if it is too early to start a 2013 app thread?
  8. zhazha1

    Yale GEPN Applicants 2012

    Don't know if anyone is still looking at this thread, but anyway, I am applying for the 2013 school year. Can people who got into yale GEPN please post their stats??! I am finishing up my undergrad now (graduating early woop!) from the University of Chicago, wondering if I have a shot at the MEPN/GEPN big leagues aka Yale, Columbia, UPenn. I will probably graduate with a ~3.2 GPA in Bio, which is average for my college but still worries me. Do you guys think that undergrad rigor is taken into account? My health advisor told me I am the only person in my entire class going into nursing! Thanks guys!!