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  1. rncat2000

    should I call in or not?

    Yes stay home and get better, both for your patients but also for your coworkers. I can't tell you the times people came to work sick because they just felt so bad to leave us without the help and wind up giving it to everyone! Trust me your employer will understand and appreciate it in the long run. Get better soon! 😷
  2. rncat2000

    skipping graduation/pinning?

    I didn't go to my grad ceremony but it was my second time around as well. I did go to my pinning however. It was held separately and it was a more meaningful thing to me than graduation because my grandmother who is also a nurse was able to pin me. It is a special memory I will cherish forever.
  3. rncat2000

    Urostomy Irrigation

    I always thought it was but I have watched our urology surgeons and residents do just a clean procedure. I guess the best thing to do is check your policy and if that doesn't tell you anything check with your doctors to see how they want it done.
  4. rncat2000

    Seventh Day Adventist and working on Sabbath???

    While not SDA I am a devote Christian and I understand your conflict. My father is a pastor and since I have finished school and began working I have always worked every other Sunday. It bothered me for the same reasons as you. My father told me that some professions need to work 24/7 using the of in the ditch principle. Such as fire fighters, police, emts, ect... he said death, sickness, crime, and destruction never take a day off. He then said that of all the professions the medical field had more basis for working on the Sabbath or Sunday than any other because Jesus healed often on on the the Sabbath! My father than went to where God told Samuel that he looks on the heart and not the outside. God does know our hearts and I don't believe that we will be judged for this in the end. Caring and compassion are major parts of the Christian faith and what better way than to demonstrate this than thru nursing. You have to decide what your conscience and belief system will allow you to do. I will pray with you that you find your answer! :)
  5. Because I work nights birthdays can be impossible to plan for because if I'm working I'm sleeping and if I happen to work off that morning I'm too exhausted to anything! The nicest thing anyone ever did for me was my birthday happen to fall in the middle of my 5 night stretch and it was a big on. Well I was mopping around feeling sorry for myself when I happened to be at the desk charting at midnight and my entire family showed up with cupcakes for the whole staff and presents!!! They only stayed long enough for me to open my gifts and wish me a happy birthday but it meant the whole world to me! Plus thinking about the rest of the staff making sure there were plenty of cupcakes for everyone!
  6. rncat2000

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    That's what we were all thinking as well. :)
  7. rncat2000

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    King Messiah Jordan!!! When we asked the mother if he went by Jordan, she replied "Oh no we call him King Messiah"!!!
  8. rncat2000

    Just wondering if other hospitals are doing this....

    On my unit they have done away with both techs and unit secretaries on my shift 7P-7A. The nurses on the night shift are responsible for every bit of not only patient care but everything else that needs to be done on the unit!! One more attempt by the management at my hospital to "save our budget"!!!
  9. rncat2000

    Whats my next step after I get my GED?

    I was home schooled and got a GED. I went on to a get my bachelors without difficulty. Not once has having a GED stopped me from doing anything I wanted to do. never let any one try to stop you from accomplishing your goals. Good luck with all you do.
  10. My funniest story comes from a very sweet but very undereducated family. I work in a peds hospital was admitting a patient with Kawasaki's. While explaining to the family and the patient about the IVIG's that the doctor had ordered and I was hanging the patients grandfather turned to me in all seriousness and said"can I ask you a question?" I told him sure, and he then asked "I just don't understand how he could have gotten this! He hasn't been around any Japanese people!!!" Bless his heart he really thought it was a illness contacted from people of Asian descent because of it's name!! It took all I could not to laugh right there but I explained about the name and how you get it to him, and he was very grateful. But boy did we all have a good laugh at the nurses station when I left the room! It was a great reminder that not everything the doctor explains to our family and patients sinks in!
  11. rncat2000

    Rude/ Inconsiderate nurses during clinicals

    I know it may seem like the nurses were rude but it may just be your perception. I'm not excusing any rude behavior but you have to remember that while your assigned to that one nurse she may have 6-8 patients depending on the unit. I will tell you that it's not her job to seek you out and introduce herself to you but the other way around. Also many times these nurses do not even realize that they have a student assigned to them till you walk up and tell them. You have to remember that while you are there to learn it's not their job to teach you that's your instructors job! They are there to take care of patients! As for them walking off to do things and leaving you behind 9 times out of 10 it's just because they forgot you were even there. They are already thinking 6 steps ahead about what they have to accomplish that shift. Be proactive and seek out things to do. Offer to be her extra pair of hands, she will both appreciate it and be more willing to bring you along. Just remember school only lasts a short time.
  12. rncat2000

    Interviewing for Night Shift Charge

    I would say that if you have already done night shift before and found it hard to do then being charge and doing it will be impossible. You will have greater responsibility as charge and every one will look to you for leadership. I work night shift and I'm charge nurse. If you are not able to function on nights I would say to pull your name out now. The shift diff is nice but for your sake as well as those that you will be working with it's not a big enough incentive to go to nights. Not every one is able to work nights which is good cause I'm not able to function on days. :) my body is set to a night time clock, huge nights owl!!
  13. rncat2000

    Any nurses that don't regret becoming a nurse?

    I love, love, love being a nurse!!!!! Do I always love my coworkers, patients, and place of employment? No, but there will always be days where I will leave work and be frustrated, and angry and ready to quit. That happens with any job. You have to take all the posts you see on here with a grain of salt :) most people are more likely to post about a bad day than a good one because they need to vent and this is one of the few places where we can and the people on here understand and can offer encouragement and advice. For the most part I love everything with my calling as a nurse. However this is an extremely stressful occupation and is hard work, but it is also the most rewarding job you will ever do!! Never let anyone else's bad comment, post, or vent presuade you to not become a nurse if that is what you want to do!!
  14. rncat2000

    NG Tube Anxiety

    I understand your nervousness about this skill, but it really isn't as bad as you think it will be. :) I have been a peds nurse on a postop surgical floor for almost 10 years now, and I can say that I have only had 1 patient ever vomit with a ng tube placement. All of them will gag but for the one patient they never threw up. It is a skill that every nurse needs to learn but not every nurse will use it in the course of their career.
  15. rncat2000

    Three sets of vitals in a 12-hour shift?

    That is about normal for vital signs. At my hospital my unit is a 26 bed unit and there is usually only 1 pct. We do vitals every 4 hours at 8,12,4 on both night and day shift. It is tough but it can be done. I wish you luck.