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  1. cuddlyanne

    UP online masters degree courses

    Can somebody share their experiences with regards to the MAN course in UP?..please share..thanks!
  2. cuddlyanne

    eb2 question from a foreign graduate

    Ok.. Thank you for your response..:)
  3. cuddlyanne

    eb2 question from a foreign graduate

    No, I dont have such experience. So they would only accept a us based MSN? I tried to read the link you sent me. As what I understood I need a masters degree from a US university or from another country(if qualified) or a 5-10 years paid working experience. Did I understand it wrongly?
  4. cuddlyanne

    eb2 question from a foreign graduate

    Thank u for the link you provided. Yes, I am a licensed nurse in the US. I am aware that there is no working and immigrant visas available for nurses so I am trying to find another way to apply for a visa like the eb2. I am really confused what to do.
  5. If I have completed a masters degree in the Philippines. Will I be able to qualify for the eb2??pls.. Help..thank u!!!
  6. cuddlyanne

    MAN in Univeristy of the Phils

    Does anyone know if it is possible to enrol in the MAN online course in UNiv of the phils online university eventhough I live in the USA?? What do you think about the program they have? pls. Give me some info about this. Thank you.
  7. cuddlyanne

    NYC agency

    Yes, I need that. Thank you for you reply..omg! I'll will have to wait for a long time then..
  8. cuddlyanne

    NYC agency

    Can somebody recommend an reputable agency here in new york who can do sponsorship or who can offer a job for nurses whether in the hospital or nursing homes??Im a licensed registered nurse in newyork and a graduate from a foreign land.pls help. Thanks!
  9. cuddlyanne

    passed nclex..what is the next step??

    Thank you for your response. I have one year experience in my country. Yes, I need a certain visa to maintain my status here in the us. What do you mean by capped? so, there is no way to file for the h1b visa this year?do u think it would be necessary for me to take cgfns exam?
  10. Hi I just have a few questions on my mind. I hope you guys can give me some answers. First. I just passed my nclex rn here in new York. Am I going to receive a license card or any certificate for this?or anything that signifies that im a registered nurse here?how long do I have to wait? I dont have a ssn. Second. Im thinking of taking cgfns and ielts exam. I studied from a foreign country so im thinking maybe I will be required to have cgfns certification if I will apply for working or immigrant visa. Just in case I will transfer to another state in the future. Do u think it is necessary for me to take it?? I hope you can give answers. Thank you!!:) Im really confused.
  11. cuddlyanne

    nclex RN good pop up today!

    I just saw my result today!!! I passed!!!Im a USRN now!!! I must agree PVT is really true!!thank u so much Lord. To God be the glory. Good luck and Godbless to all nclex takers!!you can do it too!!dont lose hope..Keep your faith..study hard..and it will be yours!:)
  12. cuddlyanne

    nclex RN good pop up today!

    Thanks!gotta see my result soon.. Im nervous and I cant sleep..
  13. cuddlyanne


    I graduated in the phils too but I havent experienced that when I reapplied. I hope everything will go well for you. Goodluck and God bless on your exam.
  14. cuddlyanne

    nclex RN good pop up today!

    I studied for 2 months 5-6 days a week. 6-8hours/day..:)
  15. cuddlyanne

    nclex RN good pop up today!

    Thank you for your support. This website is very helpful for us nurses. I've also felt incompetent a lot of times and there were many times I wanted to give up too. But we shouldnt. Lets give it a try..we'll never know if we pass or fail if we won't try. I used Saunders book and CD, feuer nclex audio review, 338 random fact thread and some online nclex questions. Reading the content again and again will help u familiarize and understand the disease process and its management. It works for me!:)
  16. cuddlyanne

    NCLEX RN today, shut off 75 q's & the "good popup"

    Congrats!I took my nclex RN today too..and the same with u..75q and I had a good pop up..lets hope for the best and wait for the result!:)Godbless..:)