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  1. I work in a 67-bed facility with one other night nurse (usually an RN), have up to 35 residents (mostly LTC, a few subacute) with 2 CNAs if I'm lucky. Sometimes we have 3 CNAs for the whole 67-bed facility, which is difficult. I'm busy every night but I love it. The other night nurse has most of the subacutes, complete w/ nightly Medicare charting & psych issues - a not-so-appealing job!
  2. kab459

    Any specialty type LVN's ?? what's yours?

    Thanks for this reference. I'm a nursing home LPN and a hospice volunteer. Seems like a natural progression of my interests. Did not know about this certification - really appreciate your sharing!
  3. kab459

    How Old is "to old" to START a nursing education?

    Hi Maggie - So many great answers and good advice here. I was 57 when I finished my full-time LPN course - a grueling year of 14-hour days (full-time nursing classes & clinicals after teaching Spanish in the mornings, my career for the prior 13 years). Let your age be your motivator to take good care of yourself. You do need to be in good physical condition to do this work, so make sure you exercise and stay strong. Deal with any chronic problems you have; I have plantar fasciitis and occasional back problems, but I make time to take care of myself. All that exercise is great for your brain too! I worked with developmentally disabled adults for a year and have worked nights in LTC for the past year, and also volunteer with my local hospice. I am planning to move soon and hope to work in home health care and hospice. I am so happy I opened this door in my life. Whatever else comes, I think I will always be able to find a job and be a useful and productive person. Good luck!

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