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  1. Roseblossom

    Providence Portland, OR NEW GRAD Residency 2017

    Anyone have any updates yet? Still no email or call
  2. Roseblossom

    Providence Portland, OR NEW GRAD Residency 2017

    Hi i applied too and thought for sure i didnt make it to the next round. Still dont know yet, no call but no rejection email either. Fingers crossed but not getting my hopes up either just in case! Good luck to everyone!
  3. Roseblossom

    Sanford, ND as a New Grad

    Hi all, I have just been offered a position on 2s the cardiac progressive unit as a new grad! I am excited, but it will be a big change since I will be moving from NC to ND. Any information or experiences that you have? I would love to hear them! Also, how are the benefits, and shift differentials? Thanks all!
  4. Roseblossom

    Sanford Fargo, ND

    Hi! I have just accepted a position at sanford, for the cardiac progressive unit, as a new grad! I was wondering if you all like it, can tell me a little more about what I can expect, and also if you know what the shift differentials are? thanks!
  5. Roseblossom

    Passed HESI A2 for Sandhills

    Aww thankyou!
  6. Roseblossom

    Sandhills cumulative points

    Oh wow! Congratulations to you as well! I'm look forward to meeting you in person lol!
  7. Roseblossom

    Passed HESI A2 for Sandhills

    Well it all played off because I got in! Yay! Finally got into a nursing program, so excited!
  8. Roseblossom

    Sandhills cumulative points

    I applied this year to adn program, and received my acceptance email. The average said it was 180.7 points
  9. Roseblossom

    Took the Hesi A2 today.

    i too have taken the hesi, just did it today and passed :). I studied the quizlet flashcards religiously, and went to math.com to learn how to do the fractions. I also got a military time question but no roman numerals either. However, the one thing that made me super study was the a & p section which our school makes us take. I ended up getting a 76 on that part, but its the cumulative grade that passes us and I got a 87.1. As for everything else: math:92, vocab: 88, reading: 90, grammar: 92
  10. Roseblossom

    Passed HESI A2 for Sandhills

    so i just took my hesi a2 today and although i passed everything, I'm a bit dissapointed in my score for the A & P section. Granted I have taken the classes almost 5 years ago, but I studied hard. I only received a 76%. However the math section I received a 92%! Yay! Much better than when I first took the HESI 3 years ago (right before I changed my major) which was only a 76%. What I did to pass the math part was study fractions, fractions and more fractions! Those beastly devils were the most problems! Learn how to turn them into percents, and vice versa and of course dont forget how to change decimals into percents and into fractions. The other questions I noticed were more of the conversion factors. Know how many meters go into kilometers etc... How many yards are in a mile, how many ounces are in a mL. And so on. Even though I studied roman numerals I didnt actually get a question on those. My school didnt allow calculators, even one on the computer. We had only scratch paper to work with ughh. As for the A & P, I studied, but I guess I didnt study in depth to the point they wanted me to. I knew where the calcaneous was, and muscles surrounded the femoris. However if you asked me what stage ossidation (sp?) happened in during fetal development, I was wholly lost. And who remembers where B-lymphocytes come from? I sure didnt lol. Anyways, the rest of the test was fairly easy. What I did to study was I religiously used the little quizlets on most of the various systems of the body, and I also made sure (since I am a visual learner) to go to youtube and watch how different functions and how they worked etc...The one regret that I had was that I didnt have more time to study, I only had a week and a half, since I just moved here and realized that I had signed up for the earliest test they give. If I end up taking this test again, I will make sure to study months in advance that way I will know all those nerves that connect the kidneys to everything else.
  11. Roseblossom

    What gives with the unsupportive spouses?

    i have to say im sorry for the way your life has gone in the beginning of adulthood, dragonfly. with that said, i see your point, but that is very hard to transfer over to someone who comes from a background of being financially dependent on their spouse. one who is in a committed marriage must take into account their spouses ability to take care of the bills and to also help with any other support and that also includes taking care of kids. that is a VERY big burden. since you have no children, you don't quite know the obligation and responsibility it takes to take care of a household, pay bills and make sure the kids who may or may not have their own school schedules as well are taken care of too. this can become very tiresome for just one person, and from my knowledge, nursing school, or anything that intensive and time consuming really takes away from the marital time and from the parental time as well. it may not be so much as a spouse 'getting in the way' of someone's dreams, as becoming too much of a strain on one person. i would suggest realizing how very lucky you are to be only one person and not have to figure out how to keep the bills paid on one income, how to pay for childcare, how to work nursing school, kids's school, and any extracurricular activities not to mention cooking, cleaning and general housework with the exception of what the other spouse contributes, and give the other spouse a break. btw i say this from the perspective of a 26 yo mother of 4, with an ex husband to deal with and a very loving and supportive fiance. do we fight? yes, is it stressful? hell yes, but he keeps chugging on and so do i.