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YellowBear specializes in Neuro, Camp.

I am a new nurse (have been working for 2 months on a neuro/surgical floor) and enjoy sharing my experiences with others! I especially like to provide help to nursing students who are worried about classes and/or the NCLEX. Find me at nclexninja.wordpress.com

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  1. Received my acceptance! I am about to send in my intent to attend...can't wait to start!
  2. I too applied to their FNP program for Fall 2015! I see that all my transcripts and information have been received by nursingcas, so I am very excited. Would love to hear from all of you when you are getting acceptance letters, etc. I have been a working RN for about 7 months now and want to eventually work in urgent care or family practice as an FNP.
  3. YellowBear

    CHLA RN Residency Program September 2014

    I'm from Los Angeles, but am in Missouri now for school! Hoping to move back. I chose 5 West and ED. Since submitting my packet, I have gotten more interested in NICU, though - do they ever interview for units other than your top 2 choices? Was so hard for me to pick originally. So excited to hear this week or next!
  4. YellowBear

    Advice Needed Regarding Where to Apply for Licensure

    @JustBeachyNurse - I didn't know that about compact states! Very helpful. I'm still a legal resident of CA, so the compact thing wouldn't apply to me. @GrnTea - That is totally reassuring and helpful. I am thinking MO would give me the earliest date (though this is just a guess) and since I've already applied, I think I'll just go ahead and go for MO. I'm sure you're right that employers see the pending license thing a bunch, but the fact that Residency program info pages I've been looking at often say "Must have California RN License by program start date" kind of scares me. I guess I can go ahead and email the programs and just find out if they would be okay with me starting while having a pending CA license. If I take the NCLEX end of May/Start of June, then hopefully that would be enough time for a temporary license to get issues in CA before Mid-July (When UC Davis and UC San Diego start). Thank you both so much for responding!
  5. Dear AllNurses Community, I'm on here all the time reading posts, but haven't every started a thread until now! I have looked in this forum for a topic that might answer my question, but haven't found anything that has helped completely. I am a Nursing student in Missouri and am graduating at the end of April. I'm originally from California and my family is all back there (so, I plan on going back eventually). My original idea was that I would take the NCLEX for Missouri and stay here for a year or two and possibly move back to CA after that if I decided to. Now, because of personal stuff, I am realizing that I would like to apply to residency programs in California, Oregon, Texas, Illinois, Colorado, and Missouri instead of only jobs in Missouri. No, on to my actual question! Would it be better to: a. Take the NCLEX for Missouri (I already sent in my application) and then apply for licensure in CA, OR, or IL after getting my license (the other states on my list are in the compact with MO) if I get accepted into a program there. The problem with this is that if I take the NCLEX in early June, I might not have a license by a July/August program start date (CA in particular). b. Take the NCLEX for California. This would allow me to easily move into a residency program there and if I instead got a job in another state, it would take much less time to get a temporary license there (since every other state is quicker than California!) The thing is that CA is so competitive (so it's less likely that I would get accepted there) and it's not part of the compact (not a huge drawback). AND I already sent in my MO application, so I'd have to go through the process again for CA... It would be wonderful to hear what you all recommend. I am planning on making an appointment with an advisor at my school to really hash this out, but since you are all so knowledgeable I thought it couldn't hurt to ask! Thanks in advance for all your help! YellowBear
  6. YellowBear

    Barnes Jewish College Accelerated Summer 2012

    Hi Everyone, I have been a lurker on her for a few months, but finally sent in my first nursing school application about a week ago (for Barnes Accelerated program starting Summer '13), so thought it would be a good time to write my first comment! I live in Los Angeles, like a few of you do, and would be relocating to St. Louis, starting from the ground up there etc, like you have all mentioned. There are some beautiful apartments in the Central West End (I can't help but search online, I'm too excited!) for significantly cheaper than in LA, which makes me happy. I can't wait to continue this amazing journey!! Thanks everyone!