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    Dosage calculations !

    What was your dosage calculation question?
  2. I’m sure the nurse meant it as a figure of speech. And preceptors like that are indeed despicable individuals. But I’m certain the nurse did not mean to literally shoot them.
  3. If I were you I would go ahead and quit rather than working out the remainder of the orientation period. Just thank them for the opportunity but feel that you need to explore other job opportunities (or something like that). I say that for a couple of reasons. First, I think it’ll be better to exit the situation with some dignity intact than for them to feed you more criticisms and “letting you go.” Secondly, even if you do scrape by in this orientation and they place you into a permanent position, the attitude of the nurses you’ve worked with during this period is unlikely to improve. This is unfair and upsetting, but it will be difficult (not impossible) to gain their respect and confidence in you even when you have made gains in your skill and confidence and efficiency and you’ll end up the outsider on that unit. So, by working out the remainder of this orientation period you run the risk of termination and then, even if they keep you it will likely be a lonely, frustrating job for you with co-workers demeaning your self-esteem. IDK. I hate to sound negative but I think you can take all that you have learned from this experience and apply it to your next one. You will find your niche. You will. And you will shine.