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  1. JeffStNursingtudent

    Jeff State Shelby Campus 1st semester nursing

    I made it. Forget trying to get an A out of Fund. Its possible for Health Assess and Pharm. Look, only 25% will make it to second semester. You have to decide is it worth studying ALL the time and way ahead. My advice, cover yourself and apply for the spring program. Why? Cause if you get less than 75 in ONE class, you cant proceed to the next semester and you have to wait for the next opportunity to reapply UNLESS you did what I said.. Apply for the next entry just in case. Once you take your 2nd or 3rd test in Fund, you'll understand what Im talking about. Ive never had a class I couldnt study my way to an A like that one. Oh, I get NCLEX style questions. Some of those test questions you will just think "WTH?". Now Pharm, get ANY edition of the book Calculate W/ confidence. FINISH that book. Completely. Get the abbreviations down asap. Finish the math packet they gave you. You can get a used version of calculate w/ conf from amazon for cheap. Less time you spend studying for math tests is more time you can spend studying Fund. Studying math is your biggest priority right now. Health assessment... Know the PROCEDURE for assessing a body part, the TOOLS used, if any, and the normal results. Also know what abnormal signs can mean. Study that from the clinical pocketbook, and you'll get an A, Also, know what the parts of a clinical record. Bob recently lost his job. Where would you put that?
  2. JeffStNursingtudent

    ATTN New nursing students. LOW cost immunization, physical, cpr card

    FYI-- The SHELBY health department offers Flu shots for $5. You have to request it at the time of your appointment. Also, BE sure and get PROOF of your shots, something that is signed and dated, so you can take it to Premier Urgent and family care to get your physical signed off for shots. If I went to Jeff County to get my 3 hep shots + Flu- it would have been at least $270 for the 4 total shots.. Going to Shelby will be $20 total. WINNING!! Keep in mind you get 3 hepatitis shots over a 6 month period. The 2nd is a MONTH later, and the 3rd is 2-5 months from the 2nd shot. I put 3 days in error in my original post. Also, unitedhealthcare offers an insurance plan for about $70 a month that includes preventative care. So you could sign up for that program and bill the shots to them. I'd still go to Shelby health department for their $5 shots just in case coverage is denied.
  3. Just wanted to share some low cost options I found for those who are strapped for a way to pay for their nursing start up stuff. Shots + Physical. First step- $5 a shot for Heptatis B @ Shelby Cty health department in Pelham, AL. So start off there (Shot #1 then shot #2 is 3 days later). There is a 3rd shot but that will be much later. Take the blue cards for the first two shots to your physical Second step- physical + remaining shots Premier Urgent and Family care in Trussville (205) 655-4924 4643 Camp Coleman Rd Trussville, AL 35173 Wak in clinic $25 for physical Mmr 75.00 Varicella 130 Flu 25 Tetnus Tb $15 PLEASE THANK THEM if you go because they are charging LOW prices to be STUDENT NURSE FRIENDLY!!! NOTE: Get your Hepatitis B at the Shelby Co health department for $5 each (3 shots in series) Jeff county charges about the same rate PLUS they have a per shot admin fee so its better to go to Premier because the above prices are what you will pay an thats it. CPR (healthcare version) Hoover fire department near valleydale and hwy 280 offers healthcare CPR for $20 for non residents. Free if you are a Hoover resident. The Health Care Provider CPR class is available on the 1st and 2nd Saturday of the month beginning at 9:00 am and lasting for approximately 4 hours. http://www.hooverfiredepartment.org/page.asp?id=137 REGISTER HERE http://www.hooverfiredepartment.org/page.asp?id=138 YOU HAVE TO REGISTER online in advance as classes fill up. Health Insurance The school has a brochure for student health insurance but it is substantially cheaper if you just go get the cheapest United Healthcare plan that covers hospitalization with a high deductable. for example, the SAVER 80 plan was 57.92/ mo for me and that is MUCH less than the $100+ a month for student insurance. Prices vary by age, etc. Start here and get a quote. https://www.uhone.com/Quote/PlansList.aspx Its about $700-800 for the 1st semester books alone! Dont forget scrubs, stethascope, shoes, etc. Some of that cost just is what it is.
  4. JeffStNursingtudent

    Any tips about memorizing drugs for Pharm?

    I think EVERYONE who benefited from your Post should hit LIKE on it to thank you. I start pharm in late may. I am not gonna like. I am taking your gold mine of info and starting on it now. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!
  5. JeffStNursingtudent

    Jeff State Summer 2012 program

    Im in for the summer. Got a call a few weeks ago. Orientation is April 12th. Anyone else in? Apparently Summer is the semester to apply for because in the past, I couldn't get in. Or the points system changed.
  6. JeffStNursingtudent

    Immunizations: cheapest place to get them?

    just wondering if there is a low cost option in the Central AL area. I'm financial strapped and on unemployment. My kid gets free lunch so we meet most low income requirements. I don't have health insurance. I will need Varicella (Chicken Pox) MMR TDaP or just Tetnus Hep B Influenza Physical So far, I've called around and these are the prices I'm getting for adults.. 1. Shelby health dept.. Only offers Hep B for Adults.. $5 each shot (3 shots) 2. Jefferson health dept.. VERY pricey Mmr - 59.83 each x 2 doses Varicella $112 each x 2 doses Flu $20 Tetnus diphtheria 22.79 or tdap $43.91 Hep B- MUCH higher than Shelby Cty HD rate. 3. pelham urgent care 205 620 2270 Physical $50
  7. JeffStNursingtudent

    Paying for Nursing School: ADVICE PLEASE!

    WIA in shelby county only covers up to 10,000 (waiting list, but GET ON IT) WIA in Jeff state covers 100% (Must be a Jeffco resident for 6 mo) Must meet certain financial qualifications. They can hassle you a bit when you first try to qualify so keep asking.