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  1. stu.nurse

    UAMS FNP Spring 2017

    Anyone else interview for FNP at UAMS for spring 2017? Any info about class size etc?
  2. stu.nurse

    UAMS FNP Spring 2016

    Just got my email to schedule interview at UAMS for the FNP program starting January 2016. Anyone else interviewing? Anyone know anything about the interview process? Class size, etc?
  3. stu.nurse

    Has anyone out there been convicted of a DUI? Help!!!!

    I was charged with a DUI in 2008 (I was an elementary school teacher)...enrolled in nursing school in 2010. Will grad. in May 2012. Have been sweating out the licensing stuff not knowing if I would be able to get a license/sit for exams. Just found out I am good to go! FYI--I was honest with the BON and admitted/apologized for everything.
  4. I received a DUI in 2008 and have been worried sick about it since Jan. I never thought a DUI could be a problem since I got it when I was teaching school and was able to renew my license with no problem. I sent in my app to the board of nursing with my statement and all court documents. I stated the facts about how I messed up and will never do it again. Just found out the other day that it had been signed off on and won't be a problem!!!!! Don't despair! It might be OK!!!