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  1. Eye Blocks: How draws the medicine up?

    Where I work, the block is done in the O.R., therefore the pre-op nurse is not involved at all. (Our patients get heavy sedation--propofol--to recieve this block, therefore the O.R. is really necessary... is that not what you do?) I have never reall...
  2. To all CLNCs:

    I am very seriously considering taking Vicki Milazzo's seminar and pursuing this path. How long did it take for your consulting business to get started? How much of getting started is "who you know" and "hitting the pavement?" Do you feel the demand ...
  3. Roles in the OR

    I worked in Kansas City w/ CRNAs,(certified nurse anesthetists) and they pretty much did all the anesthesia for surgery except open hearts. Now I work in Denver, not a CRNA in sight except the labor deck. It may depend on where you go. Also, CRNAs...
  4. Should I go for RN or LPN?

    RN. Can't name five LPNs I've worked with consistently in the last seven years. Dying out.
  5. OR or ER?

    I've been in the OR for six years, and absolutley loved it when I first started. However, I am now wishing I were more diverse in my practice to be able to join agency in town. (Great demand for OR travelers, but not OR agency. And can't travel.) J...

    I went to a four-year program that offered Pharmacology every other spring. (Only available to Juniors and Srs, of course.) I did not take the course, but definitely wish that I had. Even though I work in the OR now and do not give meds the way f...
  7. burnout in the OR

    I've been a nurse for six years, in the OR for five. When I first started, I LOVED it. I actually saw myself staying with it for twenty years. And there are still things that I like. But there is plenty that makes me grind my teeth in my sleep an...