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  1. When 12 hours shift was implemented in our hospital our salaries were adjusted in such a way that a required 36 hours /week summing up to 72 hours /pay period will generate us an income of 80 hours each pay priod.With the new Labor Law,the hospital i...
  2. 12 hour shifts

    12 Hour shift was implemented in our Unit way back 1992.It was adopted in response to the Nursing shortage prevalent at that time.So instead of covering for 3 shifts, the Administration can only focus on staffing for 2 shifts.We were very excited the...
  3. Nursing Uniform Theories.

    I am doing a study on the Nursing Uniform Theories.The transition from white to coloured uniforms.Any info would be greatly appreciated.And maybe on a personal level,how do you feel wearing coloured uniforms instead of whites? ------------------